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Retaliatory Termination Lawyers

Protecting Workers From Retaliatory Termination

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You have the legal right to report wrongdoing or unsafe conditions at the workplace without the fear of retaliation. Unfortunately, employers often retaliate against workers for speaking out in any case. In some instances, these companies make the workplace intolerable for the worker. In other instances, they terminate workers from their place of employment and deprive them of benefits.

The attorneys at The Gori Law Firm, in Edwardsville, protect the rights of whistleblowers. Due to our understanding of laws, we know how to hold employers accountable for retaliatory termination. We can negotiate for a settlement that will compensate the employee for wrongful removal. When necessary, we can litigate your matter in court by bringing a retaliation lawsuit.

Lawyers Protecting Your Right To Speak Out

Our lawyers seek financial compensation for whistleblowers through the use of federal and state laws. We have been helping Illinois workers receive compensation due to the wrongdoing of employers for more than 15 years.

The laws protect workers for reporting the following to authorities thus resulting in employment termination:

  • Violations of state and federal law
  • Fraudulent and illegal practices by employers
  • Improper accounting or financial practices
  • Exposure of employees and others to unsafe working conditions
  • Discriminatory practices resulting in harassment and ill-treatment of workers
  • Failure to pay fair wages
  • Demands that employees engage in illegal activities

Our attorneys understand the complexities of the laws when it comes to employer retaliation and retaliatory termination. We routinely try qui tam matters in cases of employer fraud; maritime injury cases covered by the Jones Act; and railroad injury matters. Our attorneys have a reputation for aggressively standing up for those we represent.

When you retain our firm, we will closely examine the unique circumstances of your case and take immediate action. At no time, will we hand your case off to an inexperienced associate. We will take the time and effort to provide you with a successful outcome of your case.

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