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Mesothelioma lawsuit claims.

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The Gori Law Firm works hard to secure compensation for victims of asbestos exposure and hold responsible parties accountable. Our attorneys have recovered over $4 billion in compensation for our clients. We are a full-service personal injury law firm offering comprehensive legal and support services for asbestos-exposure victims throughout New York and beyond. Contact our New York mesothelioma lawyers to schedule a free case review.

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Asbestos is a fibrous mineral and a known carcinogen. For decades, it was widely used for its fire and heat-resistant properties. It is found in many products, including insulation, plumbing, and brake pads. However, people who handle asbestos and inhale its fibers are at risk of developing deadly illnesses, including mesothelioma and lung cancer. 

You may be eligible for compensation if your life has been upended by exposure to asbestos. The New York mesothelioma lawyers at The Gori Law Firm fight for asbestos-exposure victims and their loved ones, and we’ve helped hundreds of clients recover compensation from the parties responsible for their sicknesses.

Experienced Mesothelioma Lawyers in New York City

People working in professions that require handling asbestos, such as construction workers and pipefitters, are at risk of developing mesothelioma and other deadly illnesses. Since mesothelioma has a long latency period, it may be decades before you receive a diagnosis. But it may not be too late to hold the at-fault parties accountable.

Our New York mesothelioma attorneys are well-positioned to help you fight for the compensation you are entitled to. We are dedicated to assisting asbestos exposure victims and have the skills and resources needed to handle your case from start to finish.

Excellent Case Results

We’ve secured over $4 billion in settlements and verdicts for our clients. Some of our case results include:

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Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma in New York

New York has the fifth-highest number of asbestos cases nationwide. It has even established a specialized agency, New York City Asbestos Litigation, to oversee asbestos litigation proceedings in the city.

Construction and roofing companies throughout New York have a long history of using asbestos in their building materials. While the presence of asbestos in a building doesn’t necessarily pose a significant concern, it can be quite dangerous for workers and inhabitants when released into the air during repairs and renovations.

New York’s shipyards also present a risk to workers since many of the materials used in shipbuilding contain asbestos. Some other occupations that are at high risk of asbestos exposure include:

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Our New York asbestos attorneys work tirelessly to secure full and fair compensation for our clients. It’s easy to schedule a free consultation at our New York office and explore your legal options. To get started complete our online contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Compensation Are Available for Mesothelioma Victims?

Mesothelioma victims may be eligible for compensation for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and more. Surviving loved ones may also recover compensation for things like funeral costs and loss of companionship.

Every mesothelioma claim is different. Ultimately, it is difficult to predict and impossible to guarantee how much compensation you can secure through a mesothelioma lawsuit. However, our New York mesothelioma lawyers can give you an estimate after evaluating the circumstances of your case in a free consultation. You can also learn more by exploring our case results.

Individuals suffering from mesothelioma in New York normally have three years to file a mesothelioma lawsuit following their diagnosis. Surviving family members of deceased mesothelioma victims have up to two years from the date of death to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

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