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Health care fraud alone costs the federal government billions of dollars every year. It is impossible to get a full picture of all the ways U.S. taxpayers are victimized by fraud. One way to hold the perpetrators accountable is for whistleblowers to pursue qui tam actions in court. At The Gori Law Firm, our lawyers represent whistleblowers in a wide variety of claims. We protect the rights of people who have the courage to speak out when they see illegal or dangerous conduct.

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Tax Fraud, Health Care Fraud, Securities Fraud And More

Many whistleblower claims involve employees who learn about fraudulent business practices by their employers. Medicare billing fraud is one common type of fraud perpetrated by hospitals, clinics, doctors and others in the health care field. Federal law, however, covers any attempt to defraud the United States or to gain money or property through false or fraudulent representations. Government contractors who violate the False Claims Act face civil and criminal penalties.

Qui tam lawsuits give whistleblowers the power to sue for the recovery of money taken by fraud. The law grants whistleblowers that right to encourage individuals to report bad conduct by their employers. In addition to the ability to recover money taken through fraud, the False Claims Act contains a provision calling for trebled damages in some cases. That means a defendant that has committed fraud may be ordered to pay three times as much as the government lost, in addition to penalties for making the false claims.

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Whistleblower claims can be slow and complex. It is important to choose a law firm with the resources and skill to manage complex litigation. From our offices in Madison County, Illinois, and St. Peters, Missouri, we have assisted clients in litigation all over the nation. If you are thinking about “blowing the whistle” on your employer, you should speak to an attorney first. Contact us online to discuss your rights and options.

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