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Defective Medical Devices Attorneys

Helping Victims Of Dangerous And Defective Medical Devices Seek Justice

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When medical devices fail, the results can be catastrophic — and sometimes deadly. The market for medical products has grown rapidly in recent years. That growth has led to some impressive innovations, but also to an increase in dangerous and defective medical equipment.

In the rush to get a new product into the market, medical device manufacturers may fail to perform proper testing or may ignore warning signs until it is too late. The people who receive these products may suffer substantial pain, additional surgeries, infections, illness and even death.

At The Gori Law Firm, our experienced product liability lawyers have the knowledge and drive to protect the victims of defective medical devices. From our multiple office locations — including offices in Madison County, Illinois — we handle cases across the nation.

Medical Device Recalls And Defective Products

Doctors are supposed to warn patients of the potential risks of surgery. Many people sit down with their doctors before a surgery and discuss the benefits and risks of a procedure. That discussion may or may not include information about the danger of a defective medical device. Few patients read the instructions or labels associated with the device they are going to receive. We trust that any device being implanted in us has been tested and proven safe. Many people would be surprised to learn how many defective medical devices are released every year.

A medical device does not have to be recalled to support a negligence claim. That said, dozens of devices every year are found to be defective and/or dangerous, including, but not limited to:

For the victims and their families, defective medical devices can mean extensive medical expenses, loss of function, pain and, potentially, death.

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If you or a loved one has suffered because of a defective and dangerous medical device, you need to speak to one of our experienced attorneys right away. Call us at 618-659-9833 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation. You can also reach us online. We can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Even FDA-Approved Medications Can Cause Serious Or Fatal Injuries

Large pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers must submit new products to rigorous testing for approval by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In many cases, the tests can take years. However, FDA approval does not mean the company is no longer liable for damages if a drug or device causes an unforeseen injury or death.

Over the past several decades, dozens of FDA-approved products have been recalled due to dangerous and deadly side effects. These include prescribed and over-the-counter medications. Some of the most commonly used products include medications for weight loss, cholesterol medications and blood thinners.

Defective Drug Litigation Is Complex

Drug companies claim they do not share liability for the injuries and damages caused by their products. Not only will they point to rigorous FDA approval, but they will also claim that prescribing doctors should have been aware of the side effects and possible dangers to their patients.

Licensed pharmacists may also be blamed for misprescribing the drugs. Sorting through the medical and legal details requires the legal, professional and financial resources to keep moving forward and prepare the strongest, clearest case possible to help you recover the monetary damages you are entitled to.

You Need An Experienced Law Firm

If you believe you suffered medical injury or lost a loved one because of complications from a pharmaceutical product or medical device, turn to The Gori Law Firm. Our firm has earned a reputation for successful legal representation backed by the highest levels of compassionate client service.

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