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Illinois Dog Bite Lawyers

Fighting For Compensation After A Dog Bite

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Many people think their pets are harmless and friendly, even in stressful situations. However, dogs, cats, birds and other pets are still animals with the potential for unexpected behavior. A dog bite can result in serious injuries, trauma and potential diseases. If you or your loved one has been bitten by an animal, you may suddenly be faced with unexpected medical bills and emotional distress.

The Gori Law Firm takes your case seriously and will pursue justice for your injuries. When you need experienced defense after an injury caused by an animal, you can trust our personal injury attorneys to fight for you.

The Owner Can Be Held Responsible

In Illinois, dog and other animal owners are responsible for their animals’ behavior, regardless of whether they did anything that contributed to the injury. In Illinois, the Animal Control Act provides that owners of animals are liable for all injuries caused by the animal, even when an attack or bite does not occur. Also, when an attack or bite does occur, the owner does not need to have previous knowledge of the dangerous nature of an animal – Illinois does not follow the “one bite” rule.

If a dog or other animal has bitten you, you may be able to make a claim against the owners’ home insurance to cover the cost of your medical expenses and other expenses related to your injury.

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Animals bites can be serious and if you have been injured, you deserve skilled legal guidance. Our legal team is comprised of experienced negotiators and litigators who are prepared to defend your rights and advocate for a fair settlement amount. We understand every situation is different, and we will try to handle your case as efficiently as possible. We are not afraid to fight for you if the case goes to trial.  Contact us for your free case evaluation today.

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