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Mesothelioma and U.S. Marine Corps Veterans

All U.S. military branches, including the Marine Corps, used asbestos for building materials, machinery, and equipment for decades. As the health hazards of asbestos became known, the government made efforts to reduce its use. However, anyone who served in the Marines at the time was at risk of asbestos exposure and developing related illnesses, including mesothelioma. The Gori Law Firm’s mesothelioma attorneys help veterans secure compensation.

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Asbestos is a fibrous mineral with dangerous health effects. Even so, it was widely used by the military, including the Marine Corps, until the late 1980s. As a result, Marine Corps veterans are at risk of developing asbestos-related diseases like mesothelioma and lung cancer. Since symptoms of asbestos exposure take decades to appear, veterans may not know they’re sick for many years after their service ends.

The Gori Law Firm helps veterans recover compensation for asbestos-related illnesses through VA disability benefits, lawsuits, and asbestos trust funds. We strive to secure maximum compensation for our clients to help cover their medical treatment, lost wages, disabilities, and more. Our mesothelioma Marines attorneys are standing by to make sure you know your full legal rights and options.

Mesothelioma and Asbestos Exposure Risk for U.S. Marines

Marine Corps service members often work alongside other military branches, including the Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Army. They’re trained to handle many types of missions, and their work may occur on ships, aircraft, and armed vehicles. Some Marines specialize in combat, while others take on support roles, such as mechanics, construction workers, and electricians. 

No matter what your job was in the Marines, you likely experienced occupational asbestos exposure at some point during service. Asbestos was used for decades throughout military bases, housing, equipment, and machinery. Its heat-resistant properties, low cost, and availability made it an attractive material for insulation, piping, electric wiring, and protective clothing.

Since asbestos fibers are nearly invisible to the naked eye, you may have unknowingly inhaled or ingested them during your Marine Corps service. You may also have carried them home on your clothes, potentially leading to secondary asbestos exposure for your loved ones.

How Were Marines Exposed to Asbestos?

No Marine Corps veteran was safe from asbestos exposure at the height of the substance’s use by the military. That’s especially true for those who served prior to the late 1980s when government regulations finally began to limit the use of asbestos. Some of the areas where Marine veterans were at heightened risk of asbestos exposure include:

Bases and Buildings

Asbestos was used in many older bases and military buildings. It could be found in insulation, roofing and floor tiles, paint, plumbing, pipes, and electrical wiring. Though the government initiated asbestos removal projects in barracks and bases, it is still present in some locations. 

Veterans who lived or worked in military buildings containing asbestos may be at risk of developing future diseases. Similarly, service members responsible for building demolition and maintenance may encounter asbestos during work projects.

Ships and Shipyards

Navy ships utilized asbestos for various purposes. Among other areas, it has been found in floor tiles, boilers, and engine rooms. Many ships were insulated with asbestos, especially to protect piping and electrical wiring. Since service members lived and traveled in close quarters while onboard, their risk of asbestos inhalation was high. Marine veterans were also at risk of asbestos exposure in shipyards.

Military Aircraft

Marine veterans who traveled on military planes were also at high risk of asbestos exposure since the equipment used in these aircraft often included asbestos. Mechanics responsible for maintaining or repairing military aircraft might also have inhaled asbestos dust from engines, brake pads, and other materials.

Military Vehicles

Vehicles used by the Marines, including Jeeps, armored trucks, and tanks, often have asbestos in various parts, including gaskets, insulation, and brake pads. Again, mechanics who maintain Marine vehicles are at higher risk of exposure since their work involves repairing and replacing many asbestos-containing parts.

Asbestos Exposure in Combat

When in combat, Marine Corps veterans may find themselves in proximity to damaged buildings and equipment containing asbestos, which they could easily inhale. Their guns and artillery may also be insulated with asbestos to contain the heat generated by firing weapons and detonating explosives.

Financial Help for U.S. Marines Affected by Asbestos Exposure

Generally, there are three ways an experienced mesothelioma lawyer from The Gori Law Firm can help Marine Corps veterans recover compensation for asbestos exposure: VA benefits for Marines, asbestos litigation, and claims from asbestos trust funds. Our top-tier legal team can evaluate your claim and explain the options available to you.

VA Claims

Our mesothelioma attorneys can help you submit a VA benefits claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs. We’ll assist you in the claim preparation process, including obtaining your service and medical records and pinpointing where your asbestos exposure likely occurred. 

If your claim is approved, the VA offers benefits like monthly, tax-free compensation for Marines and access to VA health care. If you are the parent, spouse, or child of a service member who died due to military-related mesothelioma, you may also be eligible for benefits through VA dependency and indemnity compensation.

Mesothelioma Claims

The Gori Law Firm can represent you in asbestos litigation against companies responsible for manufacturing and distributing dangerous asbestos products that contributed to your illness. If successful, you may receive compensation for your medical treatments, living expenses, and much more.

Asbestos Trust Funds

When the dangers of asbestos became known, many asbestos companies declared bankruptcy, knowing that victims would file lawsuits to recover damages. However, the courts sometimes forced these companies to create asbestos trust funds for future mesothelioma victims. Billions of dollars are still available through asbestos trust funds. We can assist you in filing a trust fund claim.

Billions Recovered Nationwide for Veterans Exposed to Asbestos

The Gori Law Firm has helped thousands of personal injury clients recover compensation. We’ve won over $4 billion on their behalf. Some of the mesothelioma settlements and verdicts we have secured for veterans include:

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Mesothelioma U.S. Marines FAQ

Understandably, you may have many questions as you consider your legal options. Here are some of the most common questions we receive from veterans with mesothelioma.

Does the Military Still Use Asbestos?

The Environmental Protection Agency issued an order in 1989 that banned most uses of asbestos. However, older buildings, bases, and equipment may still contain the substance. Marine Corps veterans whose jobs involved the removal or repair of asbestos-containing materials or who served before the 1990s face the highest risk of asbestos-related diseases.

Yes, the VA generally recognizes asbestos-related diseases as an eligible disability. Veterans who developed mesothelioma may file a claim for VA disability benefits if they meet specific criteria. Important documentation may include a doctor’s statement indicating the illness was caused by exposure during their military service.

It’s possible to receive a 100 percent disability rating for an illness related to asbestos exposure, such as mesothelioma or lung cancer. The VA will evaluate the severity of the disease and whether it was caused by your military service when determining your disability rating.

Our mesothelioma attorneys will review your service records, military occupation, where you were stationed, and more to determine how your asbestos exposure likely occurred. Our attorneys will leave no stones unturned as we gather evidence to build a strong claim on your behalf.

The compensation you receive will depend on many factors, such as what led to your asbestos exposure and the severity of your illness. Though the numbers range widely, it is not uncommon for asbestos-exposure victims to receive hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in compensation.

The Gori Law Firm can evaluate the circumstances of your case in a free consultation and give you an idea of how much your claim may be worth. Our legal team will then work to secure maximum compensation on your behalf.

No. Securing compensation through asbestos litigation directly against the government or military is normally not possible. Instead, lawsuits may be brought against asbestos manufacturers and suppliers responsible for distributing dangerous products. We can also help you seek compensation through an asbestos trust fund or VA claim.

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