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Help For Plumbers And Pipefitters Exposed To Asbestos

Before the dangers of asbestos became common knowledge to the public — but well after they were known by the companies using asbestos products — asbestos was used on many plumbing products including pipe covering, insulation, gaskets and pipe dope. This exposed many plumbers and pipefitters to asbestos.

Sadly, many family members of plumbers and pipefitters are also at risk for mesothelioma through secondary exposure to asbestos.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestos lung cancer, The Gori Law Firm can help. We have helped thousands of past clients in Illinois and across the nation recover compensation for devastating personal losses — over $4 billion in all.

Multiple Sources Of Exposure

It was not simply pipe coverings and plumbing components that placed pipefitters and plumbers at risk for asbestos exposure. They often had to cut through drywall that contained asbestos and take apart other asbestos components in order to reach the pipes they were working on. Plumbers and pipefitters on Navy ships were exposed to multiple sources of asbestos in their day-to-day activities.

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Our attorneys take a team approach to these complex cases, working directly with clients to pursue the full compensation to which they are entitled. We understand how important timing is in these cases and will work diligently to obtain a trial date within six to nine months from the time your lawsuit is filed.

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