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Mesothelioma lawsuit claims.

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Factory Workers and Asbestos Exposure

Factory Works face an increased risk of asbestos exposure on the job.

Factory workers

From high-paying skilled positions to low-level assembly work, millions of American workers were employed across a wide spectrum of factory jobs. Whether it was a good job or a paycheck, one thing that countless factory workers shared was that they were unknowingly exposed to asbestos.

Fast forward 20 years, 35 years, even 50 years, and thousands of former factory employees are receiving the devastating diagnosis of mesothelioma or asbestos lung cancer.

If a family member has been diagnosed with asbestos disease, The Gori Law Firm is ready to help. We have represented thousands of clients in Illinois and throughout the United States in pursuit of compensation for the deadly exposure.

Our Attorneys Understand Work Sites And Materials

Factories of all kinds were fraught with asbestos hazards. The mineral’s resistance to fire and its insulating properties, along with other characteristics, made it versatile and indispensable. Asbestos was often used in products being manufactured and even more often in the machinery, the boiler room and even in the materials that made up floors, walls and ceilings.

Our attorneys have become very adept at tracing the specific work sites in each state where factory workers were known to be at risk of asbestos exposure. We are also knowledgeable about a wide range of asbestos-containing materials produced by factories or used in the manufacturing process.

We work closely with victims and their family members to build a complete work history of likely asbestos exposure at:

  • Foundries and steel mills
  • Aluminum plants and smelters
  • Tool and die makers
  • Sheet metal factories
  • Auto plants (brakes, clutches, firewalls)
  • Paper mills (drying felts)
  • Textile mills
  • Cement plants
  • Chemical and plastics factories
  • Electronics factories
  • Any factory or manufacturing facility, large or small

Virtually all factory workers were potentially exposed to asbestos fibers in one way or another, and there is no safe level of inhaled asbestos. However, those at the highest risk from heavy or prolonged exposure include boiler mechanics, insulators, pipefitters, electricians, machinists, maintenance workers, drill press and grinder operators, chemists and engineers.

Nationwide Representation For Factory Workers In Mesothelioma Litigation

Our skilled trial lawyers are committed to holding unscrupulous manufacturers and complicit employers accountable for the toll that asbestos disease wreaks on victims and their families. We work quickly to get clients qualified for medical coverage while we build a strong case for damages.

Based in Madison County, Illinois, our mesothelioma claim attorneys take cases throughout the United States. For a free case evaluation, please call our law offices directly or contact us online.

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