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Asbestos Exposure and Chemical Plant Workers

Chemical Workers face an increased risk of asbestos exposure on the job.

Chemical plant worker

Asbestos has many ideal qualities that made it both a versatile ingredient in chemical compounds and a valuable material in manufacturing equipment. Unknown to the employees of chemical plants, the omnipresent substance was also a confirmed health hazard.

Countless American workers once employed by the major chemical companies were exposed to harmful levels of asbestos, and now, decades later, many are dead or dying from mesothelioma and asbestos lung cancer. The corporate honchos knew and the suppliers of raw asbestos and asbestos products knew.

If you suspect a family member’s asbestos disease is related to work at a chemical factory, The Gori Law Firm can help. We have handled thousands of asbestos cases throughout the United States.

Holding Employers Accountable

Asbestos is fireproof, nonsoluble, resistant to acids and immune to temperature extremes. It is pliable, useful as a filler and bonding agent and relatively cheap. These qualities apparently offset the health risks, at least in the minds of those who owned and operated plastics factories and chemical plants.

Major chemical companies such as Dow, Monsanto, Union Carbide, General Electric, Westinghouse, Durez and Rostone used asbestos in many of their products until the 1970s. Asbestos was also prevalent in the construction and upkeep of boilers, ovens, mixers, grinders, extruders and other manufacturing equipment, including pumps, valves, gaskets, pipes, wiring, heat insulation and fireproof coatings.

As a result, chemical plant employees across the spectrum were regularly exposed to toxic asbestos fibers, including:

Nationwide Representation For Chemical Company Workers Suffering From Mesothelioma

Our attorneys are familiar with the work sites in each state known for asbestos exposure, including chemical plants and petrochemical refineries. We are skilled at connecting work histories to symptoms of asbestos disease in pursuit of compensation for expensive medical treatment and the devastating toll on victims and families.

Based in Madison County, Illinois, our chemical plant worker mesothelioma claim attorneys take cases throughout the United States. For a free case evaluation, please call our law offices directly or contact us online.

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