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About Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts

You may know or have read of the number of bankruptcies that have occurred due to mesothelioma litigation. What you may not know is that most of the companies who have declared bankruptcy after exposing workers to asbestos for decades are still doing a thriving business. And because of their bankruptcies, they do not have to worry about mesothelioma victims suing them anymore.

What happened?

Establishment Of The Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts

Realizing that there were an enormous number of potential lawsuits just sitting out there, waiting to be filed — one after another for decades — companies that manufactured products with asbestos quickly sought to limit their losses by filing for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11.

As part of that process, dozens of asbestos bankruptcy trusts (some with billions of dollars) were set up to compensate people with asbestos-related medical conditions. Meanwhile, after funding those trusts as directed by the bankruptcy courts, many of the companies reorganized successfully, yet were now insulated from future claims.

It was a win-win situation.

Experienced Legal Representation Makes A Difference

Because each asbestos bankruptcy trust has a different structure, different claim procedures, different proof requirements and different pitfalls, it is important to have a lawyer who knows the rules and who has experience with filing asbestos bankruptcy trust claims.

At The Gori Law Firm, we have an entire department committed to filing trust claims on behalf of our clients. Our team’s experience and understanding of these trusts result in our clients receiving the maximum compensation for their injury.

Here is a full list of the asbestos bankruptcy trusts, along with information about who was exposed and the history of the company.

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List Of Trusts

A & I Company Trust

A-Best Trust

A.P. Green Trust

A.P.I Asbestos Trust

ABB Lummus Trust

AC & S Inc. Trust

Armstrong World Industries Trust

Artra-Synkoloid Trust

Asarco, LLC Trust

Babcock & Wilcox Trust

Bondex Trust

Brauer Supply Trust

Burns & Roe Trust

C.E. Thurston Trust

Celotex/Careytemp Trust

Christy Refractories Trust

Combustion Engineering Trust

Congoleum Trust

Eagle-Picher Trust

EJ Bartels Asbestos Settlement Trust

Ferodo Trust

Fibreboard Trust

Flexitallic Trust

Flintkote Trust

Fuller Austin Insulation Inc Trust

General Motors Corporation

GI Holdings Trust

Halliburton Company Trust

Harbison-Walker Trust

Hercules Chemical Company Trust

HK Porter Co. Inc. Trust

J.T. Thorpe Settlement Trust

J.T. Thorpe Company

Johns Manville Trust

Kaiser Refractory Trust

Keene Trust

Kentile Floors, Inc.

Leslie Trust

National Gypsum Trust

North American Refractories Trust

Owens Corning Trust

Pacor Trust

Pittsburgh Corning Trust

Plant Insulation Trust

Plibrico Trust

Porter Hayden Trust

Quigley Trust

Rapid American

Raytech Trust

Shook & Fletcher Trust

T & N Limpet Trust

THAN – TH Agriculture and Nutrition Trust

Thorpe Insulation Company Trust

U.S. Gypsum Trust

U.S. Mineral Products Company Trust

UGL Trust

W.R. Grace Trust

Western Asbestos Trust

Yarway Bankruptcy Trust

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