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North American Refractories Company Asbestos Trust

Compensation for those exposed to asbestos by the North American Refractories Company.

Asbestos Trust Fund

North American Refractories Company provides high-grade fireproof refractory products for many industrial factories. Typically, North American Refractories Company’s products are used in high-temperature environments by cement, lime, chemical, steel and glass manufacturing companies. Historically, North American Refractories Company served the steel industry — from iron ore mining operations to final production in steel mills. The company operated four factories with 700 employees.

Unfortunately, North American Refractories Company used asbestos for decades to make its refractory products heat-resistant. Asbestos is extremely heat-resistant and inexpensive. Using asbestos, however, created serious dangers for employees of North American Refractories Company.

As early as the 1920s, physicians recognized that exposure to asbestos caused severe sickness when asbestosis was identified by British medical journals. At the same time, insurance companies in the United States and Canada stopped selling life insurance to asbestos workers.

Moreover, safer substitutes for most asbestos uses were known as early as the 1930s. Worse, evidence revealed in prior litigation shows that the leaders of North American Refractories Company knew fully of the danger of asbestos, but continued to use it for decades to protect their profits. North American Refractories Company did not even provide basic protection to its employees, like protective gear to prevent inhalation. Thus, workers at steel mills, oil refineries, chemical plants, miners, boilermakers, and many others were injured by North American Refractories Company.

As employees from North American Refractories Company became increasingly sick, the company faced enormous litigation costs. Accordingly, in 2002 North American Refractories Company filed for bankruptcy protection. In 2007, the court recommended that North American Refractories Company form a trust account to resolve claims made by persons injured by North American Refractories Company. If you or a loved one has been injured by North American Refractories Company, it is important that you contact The Gori Law Firm immediately for more information on your rights.

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