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Mesothelioma lawsuit claims.

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Leading U.S. Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

Prompt, accurate diagnosis and effective treatment regimens are crucial for improving life expectancy and quality of life. The firm collaborates with top medical facilities, offering recommendations and assistance in connecting mesothelioma patients with quality care. Contact The Gori Law Firm for a free legal consultation and help with medical referrals.

Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

The lawyers of The Gori Law Firm have represented thousands of victims of asbestos disease in cases throughout the United States. Apart from legal claims against those responsible for our clients’ exposure to asbestos, our focus is getting clients the best medical care possible.

We know that a prompt and verified diagnosis of asbestos cancer is critical to fighting the disease. We also know that the choice of treatment regimens and how that care is managed can make a big difference in life expectancy and quality of life for our clients.

It has been our pleasure to work with the physicians and support personnel at the following medical facilities. We can recommend any of these providers and would be glad to provide additional insights to mesothelioma patients or their family members. We can also help locate a quality medical facility closer to you.

Contact us today for a free legal consultation and assistance in making medical contacts.

Arizona Treatment Centers

Mayo Clinic
3400 East Shea Boulevard
Scottsdale, AZ 85259
General Number: 480-301-8000
Appointment Office: 800-446-2279 (toll free)
Insurance and Billing Department: 800-603-0558 (toll free)

Mayo Clinic
5777 East Mayo Boulevard
Phoenix, AZ 85054
General Number: 480-515-6296
Appointment Office: 800-446-2279 (toll free)
Insurance and Billing Department: 800-603-0558 (toll free)

Florida Treatment Centers

Mayo Clinic
4500 San Pablo Road
Jacksonville, FL 32224
General Number: 904-953-2000
Appointment Office: 904-953-0853
Insurance and Billing Department: 904-953-7058

Minnesota Treatment Centers

Mayo Clinic
200 First Street SW.
Rochester, MN 55905
General Number: 507-284-2511
Appointment Office: 507-538-3270
Insurance and Billing Department: 507-266-5670

Rochester Methodist Hospital
201 West Center Street
Rochester, MN 55902
General Number: 507-266-7890

Saint Mary’s Hospital
1216 Second Street SW.
Rochester, MN 55902
General Number: 507-255-5123

Massachusetts Treatment Centers

David Sugarbaker, M.D.
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
75 Francis Street
Boston, MA 02115
General Number: 617-732-6824

Texas Treatment Centers

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
1515 Holcombe Blvd.
Houston, TX 77030
General Number: 713-792-2121
Ask MD Anderson: 877-632-6789

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