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Washington Asbestos Exposure

* Not an exhaustive list

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Nelson Construction
Alderbrook North American Refractories Co.
Anacortes Briand Aviation, Inc.
Anacortes Shell Refinery
Anacortes Texaco Refinery
Arlington ABW Technologies, Inc.
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Columbia Valley Lumber
Bothell Aces Four Construction Co.
Burlington Ted & Genes Foodliner
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Camas Paper Mill
Clarkston Meats, Inc.
Clarkston PM Masonry
Clarkston Poe Asphalt
Cosmopolos Industrial Cut Stock, Inc.
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Marine Fluid System
Everett Everett Shipyard, Inc.
Everett Timbermark Construction
Everett Wyatt Refrigeration Co.
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Fort Lewis

Army Supply
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T&G Construction
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West Coast Electric Company, Inc.
Keyport Naval Torpedo Station
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Employment Northwest, Inc.
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Mercer Island

Lovell Construction, Co.
Mt. Vernon Sears
Mt. Vernon Van Stokely Cannery
Mukilteo Pacific Mist, Inc.
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North Bend

United Marine Shipbuilding, Inc.
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Service Engineering Co., Inc.
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Port Angeles

Rayonier Pulp Mill
Port Orchard Pacific Marine Ship Repair
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Howard Lease Construction
Renton Boeing Company
Renton Tippett Marine Services, Inc.
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Bemis Bro Bag Co.
Seattle Boeing Company
Seattle CBS Contractor
Seattle Clean Well Cleaners
Seattle Color Tile
Seattle Design West Construction
Seattle Fisher Flour Mill
Seattle Icicle Seafoods, Inc.
Seattle JILGS Sausage Co.
Seattle Ladd Butler Construction
Seattle Lewis Redford Engineering
Seattle Lock Heed Ship Building
Seattle Lockheed Shipbuilding Co.
Seattle NFF Acquisition Corp.
Seattle Offshore Fisheries, Inc.
Seattle Raber-Kief
Seattle Seattle Boiler Works Co.
Seattle Shannon Construction
Seattle Stegin Construction
Seattle Todd & Lockheed Shipyards
Seattle Trans Pacific International Industries, Inc.
Seattle Union Bay Shipbuilding Corp.
Seattle Wards Cove Packing Co.
Seattle Whitney-Fidalgo Seafoods, Inc.
Seattle Yardarm Knot, Inc.
Snohomish Anchor Hydraulic Services, Ltd.
Snohomish Emerald Fabricators, Inc.
Snohomish Sea Fabricators, Inc.
Spokane Western Pine Saw Mill
Stanwood Knutsen Dist. Inc.
Sumner EBSACO Constructors, Inc.
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Cherry Point Mines
Tacoma IMAC/Pacific Western
Tacoma Manke Labor Co.
Tacoma Shell
Tacoma Tacoma Shipbuilding Corp.
Tacoma True Blue, Inc.
Tacoma US Oil
Tukwila Wiashek Industrial & Marine, Inc.
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Virgil Adams Construction Co.
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Kaiser Shipyard
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Walla Walla

Canning Factory
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Burlington Northern & Santa Fe
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