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Truck Accident Immediate Response Team

You and your family are victims and deserve to know how and why this tragedy occurred. However, the sad truth is that trucking companies and motor carriers have attorneys on standby to go to an accident scene as soon as their dispatcher learns of an accident.

When you contact us, we will assess your case and provide an immediate response. This team includes attorney Bob Marcus, a private investigator, and an accident reconstructionist to download the information on the truck’s black box.

We take immediate steps to protect you and your family including:

  • Locating and interviewing eyewitnesses and obtain statements
  • Finding the truck, trailer, and vehicles involved and put all parties on notice, via a court order if necessary, not to touch or alter any vehicle or piece of equipment
  • Photographing, measuring, surveying, videotaping and securing all evidence
  • Ensuring that driver and company information is not spoiled
  • Working with law enforcement on your behalf in their investigation of the accident
  • Facilitating the processing of medical bills by the responsible party
  • Facilitating medical treatment and caregiver services because the magnitude of physical and mental injuries can be overwhelming

We Respond Immediately To Your Needs

Located in Edwardsville, Illinois, our lawyers and staff work around the clock to ensure you have quick access to our immediate response team. Call The Gori Law Firm now to begin your representation and investigation. Dial 618-307-4085 or 888-362-6890 or send an email.