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Personal Injury & Workers’ Comp

Our knowledgeable attorneys have been litigating complex legal matters for decades. We have handled thousands of cases, many involving high stakes and complex topics.

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Comprehensive Services And Civil Litigation

For many people, filing a lawsuit may be their only chance at getting justice. At The Gori Law Firm, our attorneys help people in a many different circumstances. We help people who are suffering from asbestos-related illnesses. We help the victims of car accidents and other personal injuries. We help the victims of defective drugs and medical devices. Our skilled lawyers also assist clients in other areas of civil law.

School Bullying

More attention has been paid in recent years to the problem of bullying in schools. The victims of school bullying suffer emotional and, in some cases, physical harm. Schools have been charged with creating and maintaining an atmosphere free from threats and harassment. When schools do not take the proper steps, the most vulnerable children are often the victims. Our attorneys represent children and their families in cases where the child has been bullied or harassed.

Whistleblower And Qui Tam Actions

State and federal whistleblower laws protect people from retaliation when they report fraudulent acts, environmental violations and other harmful conduct by their employers or co-workers. Specific laws exist to protect people who report tax fraud, securities fraud, Medicare fraud and more.

Qui tam cases allow a person to file a civil lawsuit on behalf of the U.S. government. The False Claims Act allows people to sue government contractors, healthcare providers and others who commit fraud against the government. Normally, an individual can only sue if they suffer damages directly. Qui tam suits allow individuals to sue based on harm to the government.

Class Actions And GM Ignition Switch Defects

At The Gori Law Firm, we also have the ability to represent victims in class action lawsuits. Class action suits generally involve cases where many people suffer harm based on the same negligent conduct. Defective products, including defective automobiles and medications, are often the cause of many injuries. One recent example is that of General Motors and the millions of vehicles recalled due to ignition switch defects. Many people may have been injured or killed in accidents because of this defect.

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