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Asbestos on Auxiliary Ships

Many Navy Vessels, including Radar Pickets and Rescue Ships, built before the 1980s are known to contain asbestos.

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A radar picket is a ship that is equipped with radar and is used to increase the radar detection range around a force to protect it from surprise attacks. These ships first came to use in the military in World War II and proved useful in the Pacific. During the Cold War, Liberty Ships previously built in the Second World War were converted to radar pickets and used to line the east and west coast to create an overlapping radar or electronic barrier against approaching aircraft. Unfortunately, while protecting our country against attack, these men were exposed to asbestos while on board radar pickets. Asbestos was found in a number of areas on these ships, in particular the insulation that lined piping aboard these vessels.

Anyone who served on a radar picket should speak with their doctor regarding asbestos related diseases, such as Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer, and the treatment options available.

USS Greenlet (ASR 10)

  • Classification: Submarine Rescue Ship
  • Status: Disposed of through the Security Assistance Program (SAP), transferred, cash sale, ex-US fleet hull foreign military sale case number assigned.
  • Fleet:
  • Launch Date: 7/12/1942
  • Commission Date: 5/29/1943
  • Decommission Date: 6/12/1970

The USS Greenlet helped train over 215 submarines and she indirectly contributed to the sinking of 794 enemy ships. Eleven of the submarines she trained were lost during the war, however her charges sank more than 2 million tons of Japanese military and merchant shipping. The USS Greenlet was present during the signing of the Japanese surrender on September 2, 1945. She also served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. During her final deployment she was sent to the Gulf of Tonkin to salvage an aircraft that had crashed with 26 persons on board and sunk in 290 feet of water. Her crew made 47 dives to the wreck before the salvage operations were terminated due to deteriorating weather. The USS Greenlet was awarded a Meritorious Unit Citation and the Vietnam Service Medal for the Fall and Winter Campaigns of 1969.

USS Interceptor (AGR 8)

  • Classification: Radar Picket Ship
  • Status: Disposed of by scrapping, dismantling
  • Fleet:
  • Launch Date: 9/12/1945
  • Commission Date: 2/15/1956
  • Decommission Date: 9/1/1965

The USS Interceptor was originally launched as a Liberty Ship in 1945. However, in 1956 she was converted to a radar picket ship and designed to carry the latest in long range radar and communications equipment and to act as an ocean radar station ship. She served as an important part of America’s early warning system.

USS Picket (YAGR 7)

  • Classification: Radar Picket Station Ship
  • Status: Transferred to Maritime Administration Reserve Fleet, scrapped in 1978
  • Fleet:
  • Launch Date: 5/17/1945
  • Commission Date: 2/8/1956
  • Decommission Date: 9/1/1965

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