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Mesothelioma lawsuit claims.

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Do I Need A Mesothelioma Lawyer?

An experienced mesothelioma lawyer can determine how you were exposed to asbestos and will have access to the resources needed to prove your claim. Our nationwide mesothelioma lawyers have more than 100 years of combined experience and have recovered over $4 billion in mesothelioma settlements and verdicts.

Do I Need to Hire A Mesothelioma Lawyer?

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, an experienced mesothelioma lawyer can help you recover the full measure of compensation you deserve. 

Most personal injury claims involve a one-time incident that both sides agree occurred. The identities of the involved parties are already known, and insurance policies typically cover the defendants.

However, mesothelioma claims are very different. The disease results from long-term asbestos exposure decades before your diagnosis. Before pursuing compensation, you must determine how you were exposed and identify those responsible. The liable parties may be companies you never dealt with directly or even knew existed.

How Do I Know If I Need A Mesothelioma Lawyer?

Although no law requires a lawyer to file a mesothelioma lawsuit, you will need extensive financial resources, medical and legal knowledge, and familiarity with the asbestos industry to succeed. 

Without an attorney, you will have to take on wealthy asbestos product manufacturers alone. They will hire medical and scientific experts to support their defense, and you’ll need to invest significant funds to hire experts to refute them. 

Settlement negotiations, case investigation, depositions, filing requirements, and discovery can be mentally and physically taxing. It can be too much to handle when your health is deteriorating. Without a capable attorney representing you, asbestos product manufacturers will try to stall your case and take advantage of your weakened state.

Many asbestos product manufacturers have gone bankrupt, shielding them from lawsuits. Courts have ordered these companies to establish asbestos trust funds to compensate asbestos-exposure victims. Asbestos trust fund claims are less complicated than lawsuits, but you will still need to know which companies exposed you to asbestos and gather evidence to support your claim.

Questions To Ask Yourself If You Are Unsure

If you’re still unsure whether or not you need a mesothelioma lawyer for your claim, here are some questions to consider:

  • Do I or a family member understand our legal rights and options for seeking compensation?
  • Do I or a family member feel comfortable navigating complex legal procedures and negotiations with potentially liable parties?
  • Do I or a family member have the time, resources, and knowledge to gather the necessary evidence and build a strong case?
  • Do I or a family member feel confident we can negotiate a fair settlement or pursue litigation if necessary?
  • Do I or a family member have concerns about protecting our rights and securing financial support for medical treatment, lost wages, and other expenses related to mesothelioma?

How Can A Mesothelioma Lawyer Help Me?

Hiring a mesothelioma lawyer can relieve you of the burden associated with your mesothelioma claims, allowing you to focus on treatment and spend time with your family. When you choose our knowledgeable mesothelioma attorneys, we will invest our own resources to investigate your source of exposure and hire expert witnesses to prove your case.

We have been standing up to asbestos product manufacturers for over 20 years and know the asbestos industry inside and out. We have built an extensive proprietary database of internal memos, private investigation reports, testimonies, and more, allowing us to identify and prove your source of exposure. 

With our award-winning attorneys on your side, you will have the benefit of our entire team working on your behalf to do the following:

  • Advise you of your legal options
  • Identify the responsible companies
  • Negotiate a settlement and refuse to accept less than you deserve
  • Fight for you in court if necessary
  • Expedite your lawsuit
  • File your asbestos trust fund claims

We charge no upfront fees, and the initial consultation is free. 

Speak To A Mesothelioma Lawyer Today

Do you need a mesothelioma attorney? We will handle everything for you from start to finish and fight for the compensation you deserve from every available source. Contact us today by calling (618) 659-9833 or completing our easy online contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mesothelioma Lawyers

How Do I Choose The Best Mesothelioma Lawyer?

When choosing a mesothelioma lawyer, look for an attorney with decades of experience handling asbestos-exposure cases and a proven track record of successful settlements and verdicts.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

When you choose Gori Law, there will be no upfront fees, and you owe us nothing unless we recover compensation for you. After we recover your compensation, we will collect a percentage of your proceeds as our fees. We will disclose this percentage to you upfront.

How Long Does a Mesothelioma Lawsuit Take?

A mesothelioma lawsuit can take a few months to a few years, depending on the complexity of your case, the stage of your disease, where you file your case, and whether your case goes to trial. In some jurisdictions, courts offer expedited claims processes for mesothelioma plaintiffs.

What If I Don't Know How I Was Exposed to Asbestos?

Our seasoned mesothelioma lawyers can tap into the extensive proprietary database we have built over the past 20 years to determine how you were exposed to asbestos.

Can I File a Lawsuit If I'm a Family Member of Someone Who Died from Mesothelioma?

You might be entitled to compensation through a wrongful death mesothelioma lawsuit if your spouse or other next-of-kin died of mesothelioma.

What Questions Should I Ask My Mesothelioma Attorney?

During a free consultation, the most important questions to ask a mesothelioma lawyer are about the attorney’s experience, track record, and willingness to go to trial. We have the experience, knowledge, and resources to get you the results you deserve, with $4 billion in compensation recovered.

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