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USS Lexington

The USS Lexington was built in 1942. Despite Japanese proclamations she was sunk in WWII, she made it through the war and was decommissioned in 1991. Built using asbestos, she exposed many veterans to asbestos dust.

USS Lexington (AVT 16) (ex-CABOT, CV 16, CVA 16, CVS 16, CVT 16) – Navy Auxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship

Classification: Navy Auxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship

Status: Donated as a Museum and Memorial
(Currently Located at the USS Lexington Museum on the Bay, Corpus Christi, TX).

Fleet: 7th

Launch Date: 9/26/1942
Commission Date: 2/17/1943
Decommission Date: 11/8/1991

USS Lexington was announced as sunk three times in Japanese propaganda, however all three times, the news was false. She did sustain a torpedo attack to her starboard side which knocked out steering gear and resulted in extensive damage. She made it back to Pearl Harbor for full repairs and returned to the Pacific in March of 1944. The next two times she was announced as sunk by the Japanese, the news resulted from battles which left the USS Lexington untouched and in full working order. She participated in knocking Japanese Naval Aviation out of the war by destroying planes and naval bases along with several ships. The USS Lexington continued to be a powerful force throughout the war, and she earned the Presidential Unit Citation and eleven battle stars for her service. After the war, she focused on training operations and exercises.

Aircraft Carriers are war ships that are structured to deploy and recover aircraft. They are essentially traveling airbases that have been serving the Navy for one hundred years. These ships are very important to the Navy, and played a major role in World War II. Typically they are considered the capital ship of the fleet and are very expensive to build and maintain there are only twenty one currently operating throughout the world. Often called “floating cities” aircraft carries lack the fire power of other types of ships and are usually accompanied by several other ships in the fleet for protection. Unfortunately, while serving their country, these men were exposed to asbestos while on board aircraft carriers. Asbestos was found in a number of areas on these ships, in particular the insulation that lined piping aboard these vessels.

Anyone who served on an aircraft carrier should speak with their doctor regarding asbestos related diseases, such as Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer, and the treatment options available.

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