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USS Hancock

The Aircraft Carrier USS Hancock was built in WWII. Like other ships of that type and class, it was built with materials that contained asbestos.

USS Hancock (CV 19) – Navy Aircraft Carrier

Classification: Multi-Purpose Aircraft Carrier

Status: Disposed of by Navy sale

Fleet: 5th/7th

Launch Date: 1/24/1944
Commission Date: 4/15/1944
Decommission Date: 1/30/1976

USS Hancock helped with raids on the South China Sea, Okinawa, and the Philippines. At Okinawa, her planes destroyed 7 enemy aircraft, 12 torpedo boats, 2 midget submarines, 4 cargo ships, and a number of sampans. She participated in several successful raids throughout the war, one in particular against Tokoyo, in which her planes downed 83 enemy planes in two days. The USS Hancock was damaged by a typhoon and suicide plane that killed 62 crewmen and injured 71 others. Her planes flew overhead on the day the Japanese Surrender was signed on the USS Missouri. After the war, she was modernized and became the first carrier in the US Fleet to have steam catapults capable of launching high performance jets. She was also involved in raids during the Vietnam War. The USS Hancock received a Navy Unit Commendation for her outstanding combat record along with four battle stars for her service in World War II.

Aircraft Carriers are war ships that are structured to deploy and recover aircraft. They are essentially traveling airbases that have been serving the Navy for one hundred years. These ships are very important to the Navy, and played a major role in World War II. Typically they are considered the capital ship of the fleet and are very expensive to build and maintain there are only twenty one currently operating throughout the world. Often called “floating cities” aircraft carries lack the fire power of other types of ships and are usually accompanied by several other ships in the fleet for protection. Unfortunately, while serving their country, these men were exposed to asbestos while on board aircraft carriers. Asbestos was found in a number of areas on these ships, in particular the insulation that lined piping aboard these vessels.

Anyone who served on an aircraft carrier should speak with their doctor regarding asbestos related diseases, such as Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer, and the treatment options available.

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