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We are a nationwide leader in asbestos litigation with more than 20 years of experience and a staff that is highly qualified and specially trained to handle complex asbestos cases.

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Identifying Where And When You Were Exposed


Proving The Source Of Your Asbestos Exposure

When did the asbestos exposure take place? Where? Was it at one place or several? What was the source? How many potential sources of liability are there? How has this illness affected you? What is it doing to your family?

Our attorneys know where to look, they understand the medical science and they know what to ask. Our attorneys know how to pinpoint exposure, what the law says and how previous cases have been decided by particular courts.

Experienced Lawyers For Asbestos Cancer Victims And Families Nationwide

The Gori Law Firm has the experience and resources needed to prove where and when you were exposed to asbestos fibers, whether your exposure happened over the course of a few months, several years or over decades.

What are those resources? They include thousands of depositions taken in connection with asbestos lung cancer and mesothelioma cases, asbestos product descriptions, manufacturer’s information and other documents representing decades of painstaking research and case details. They also include a wealth of useful information on asbestos-related topics in general, and connections to support resources that may be helpful to you in dealing with these diseases.

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