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Acetaminophen and Autism Lawsuit

Recent studies have linked Acetaminophen during pregnancy to possible behavioral conditions in childhood.

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Expectant mothers often go to great lengths to refrain from ingesting potentially harmful foods, drinks and other substances during pregnancy. Unfortunately, the list of what is and is not potentially dangerous changes constantly.

For instance, consumers have long been told that acetaminophen is safe for pregnant women to take. However, recent studies suggest a link between taking acetaminophen during pregnancy and behavioral conditions in childhood.

What are the risks?

Numerous studies have found a link between the pain reliever acetaminophen and conditions like ADHD and autism in children. Research found that prolonged prenatal exposure to acetaminophen increased diagnoses by 30 percent and 20 percent, respectively.

In other words, these studies suggest that taking acetaminophen infrequently may not affect a developing fetus. Yet, there is no clear distinction for what ingestion frequency makes a difference.

Considering the fact that more than half of women in the U.S. use acetaminophen throughout their pregnancy, the potential impact is significant.

Liability for harmful products

When a product like acetaminophen includes side effects under certain circumstances, it must include warnings and restrictions to ensure consumers know what they are taking. Failure to warn people can make manufacturers and other parties liable for damages.

However, these claims can be highly complex and technical. And like most pregnant people often discover, there are countless insights into whether and to what extent a product may affect them.

In the case of acetaminophen, for instance, it can still be the best and safest pain reliever for pregnant women to take under many circumstances.

Know your options

Legal guidance is crucial if you are a parent of an autistic child or a child with ADHD and believe there may be a connection between their condition and prenatal acetaminophen exposure.

Claims like this often affect millions of people in states across the country, which means there can be a great deal of resources available to families. Consulting a dangerous drug attorney can help you connect with these resources and pursue the liability and damages you may deserve.

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