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One of the foundations of our practice is our commitment to compassionate personal service for clients involved in defective drug and medical device cases.

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Helping Victims Of Dangerous And Defective Medical Devices Seek Justice

When medical devices fail, the results can be catastrophic — and sometimes deadly. The market for medical products has grown rapidly in recent years. That growth has led to some impressive innovations, but also to an increase in dangerous and defective medical equipment.

In the rush to get a new product into the market, medical device manufacturers may fail to perform proper testing or may ignore warning signs until it is too late. The people who receive these products may suffer substantial pain, additional surgeries, infections, illness and even death.

At The Gori Law Firm, our experienced lawyers have the knowledge and drive to protect the victims of defective medical devices. From our multiple office locations — including offices in Madison County, Illinois, and St. Peters, Missouri — we handle cases across the nation.

Medical Device Recalls And Defective Products

Doctors are supposed to warn patients of the potential risks of surgery. Many people sit down with their doctors before a surgery and discuss the benefits and risks of a procedure. That discussion may or may not include information about the danger of a defective medical device. Few patients read the instructions or labels associated with the device they are going to receive. We trust that any device being implanted in us has been tested and proven safe. Many people would be surprised to learn how many defective medical devices are released every year.

A medical device does not have to be recalled to support a negligence claim. That said, dozens of devices every year are found to be defective and/or dangerous, including, but not limited to:

For the victims and their families, defective medical devices can mean extensive medical expenses, loss of function, pain and, potentially, death.

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