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3 Unexpected Sources of Asbestos Exposure

We have used this blog to explore some of the most common ways and situations in which a person might be exposed to asbestos, from working in construction and automotive repair to serving in the military.

While most people are exposed through these sources, other less common sources can still put people in danger.

  • Cosmetics: Companies often use talcum powder in cosmetics. This powder can sometimes contain trace amounts of asbestos fibers due to the geological traits and mining process. Even current products can test positive for asbestos contamination due to poor regulation and oversight in the cosmetic industry. The features of talc that make it so common in makeup products include being soft, diluting pigments and acting as a filler. Avoiding products that contain talc can prevent the risk of harmful exposure.
  • Household products: Manufacturers of appliances, textiles like towels, and even seasonal decorations can all contain asbestos, as can some hair dryers and coffee pots. The risk is higher if these items are old. Properly disposing of these items and refraining from disassembling them can keep people safe.
  • Toys and crafts: Unfortunately, asbestos can be in the products we used as a child or give to our children today. People have found talc and asbestos in products like crayons, modeling clay and balloons.

While incidental, brief exposure to intact asbestos fibers may not be cause for concern, the fact is that over time, products wear down and break; people also dispose of them improperly, all of which can trigger the release of asbestos fibers.

When this happens, people can breathe in or ingest the asbestos. Over time, people can develop serious illnesses. Awareness of where we find asbestos can help people protect themselves and identify the products or parties responsible for harmful exposure.

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