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3 Surprising Occupations That Could Expose Workers to Asbestos


Construction and manufacturing are some of the most common industries that present a serious threat of asbestos exposure to workers.

However, these occupations are not the only ones that put people in danger of developing mesothelioma and other illnesses related to asbestos.

Broadcasters and entertainers

The broadcast and entertainment industries today stand on foundations built by professionals generations ago. Unfortunately, these foundations can be in old buildings and structures where people still work.

Old buildings often contain asbestos, and property owners would be wise to renovate, abate or demolish to protect people from exposure.

Recently, the widow of a musician filed a lawsuit seeking damages after her husband died from mesothelioma he developed due to asbestos exposure on the job. He worked in the BBC studios throughout his career.

Broadcasting set


Working in salons can put people like hairdressers and estheticians at risk of asbestos-related illnesses. Some of the products that contain asbestos can include everything from older hairdryers to certain types of makeup.

Further, salons that are in older buildings or homes can also put workers and clients in danger, especially when hot air and chemicals disturb asbestos fibers.


Textile workers

Asbestos was widely used to fireproof materials, including clothing. Thus, it could be common for firefighters and plant workers to wear clothing made with asbestos.

However, the people who make those and other textiles can breathe in asbestos on the job. Products like cloth, rope, yarn and blankets may include asbestos, putting workers who use or make them in danger.

Textile factory

Is there any completely safe job?

Some jobs are safer than others concerning exposure to asbestos. However, that does not mean a job with lower exposure incidences is entirely safe. Any person who works in a building that contains asbestos or with products made with asbestos can be in danger of exposure.

And isolated incidents where asbestos exposure was brief, and the amount was small may not be as dangerous as significant, ongoing exposure. But any exposure to toxic materials like asbestos can be cause for concern, and a person would be wise to talk to their doctor about it.

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