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5 places slip-and-fall accidents can happen most

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Personal Injury

This season, you may have plans to travel, host or attend holiday parties or seek out ways to stay active during the winter months. Wherever you find yourself during the next few months, it is helpful to know that accidents like slip-and-falls can be more likely to happen in certain places.

  1. Entryways: Rain, ice and snow can make entryways slippery. Property owners should have mats and wet floor signs to keep people safe, but they don’t always take these precautions.
  2. Hotels: Often, hotels have features or amenities that could increase the chances that guests might slip and fall. Wet floors around a pool, uneven carpeting and poorly lit stairwells can put people at risk of tripping or slipping and suffering severe injuries.
  3. Grocery stores: Whether you are doing your regular shopping or preparing for a family dinner, a trip to the grocery store may be on your list. This time of year, watch for common hazards like leaking refrigerators or freezers, items falling off shelves and spills.
  4. Gyms: You could be hurt while working out at a gym if the facility owner fails to maintain exercise equipment or pick up discarded towels. Sweat and water can also cause you to slip if no one cleans them up.
  5. Restaurants or bars: These establishments can be dangerous if spilled food or drinks are on the floor. There could also be issues if sinks or toilets leak or overflow. When property owners or employees do not remedy these situations quickly, they could lead to a nasty fall. 

If you wind up hurt after an accident in these locations, you must know you may have grounds to pursue financial compensation if negligence was a factor. Take pictures of the scene, note who was there and see your doctor.

Accidents can happen anywhere at any time. However, knowing where slip-and-fall accidents can be more common this time of year can help you stay safe and take appropriate action if you get hurt.

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