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Improper asbestos disposal can result in toxic exposure

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | Personal Injury

When people think about harmful asbestos exposure, they often believe that it is only something that people needed to worry about decades ago. After all, asbestos is no longer used in most products.

However, you can also experience harmful health consequences when parties improperly remove and dispose of asbestos-containing products at the end of the asbestos life cycle.

Who should remove asbestos?

Only parties trained in proper asbestos abatement should remove and dispose of asbestos. These parties have the knowledge and resources to block off affected areas, wet down materials and secure them correctly to minimize any potential release of fibers.

Further, these parties should have the proper equipment and protective gear to handle asbestos safely.

When untrained individuals remove asbestos, they can wind up breathing in the harmful crystals. They can also endanger the lives of anyone in the vicinity.

How do people dispose of asbestos?

You cannot simply throw products contaminated with asbestos in the garbage. There are strict state and federal regulations that determine how parties must handle and dispose of hazardous waste, including asbestos.

These regulations require parties to label hazardous waste clearly and put them in sealed, impermeable bags. These containers are then transported to special landfills specifically used for asbestos waste; companies may also recycle them in some areas.

If people do not follow these strict procedures, they can cause devastating contamination and face serious consequences.

Again, individuals without the proper training should not attempt to dispose of asbestos themselves. Doing so can put themselves, their loved ones and their entire community at risk.

When these measures are out of your hands

Unfortunately, knowing the risks of improper removal or disposal is only part of the picture when it comes to protecting yourself against asbestos exposure. You must also rely on other parties to do their part, as well. 

This does not always happen. Parties cut corners or make mistakes by incorrectly labeling or containing hazardous waste or illegally dumping it on someone else’s land. These are serious violations that put others at risk.

When other individuals or companies fail in their duty to safety and responsibly get rid of asbestos-containing materials, they can be liable for any damages their negligence causes. 

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