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Missouri Asbestos Exposure Sites

Fighting for the rights of those exposed to asbestos in Missouri.

Missouri State Capitol Building

* Not an exhaustive list

Arnold Browning Arms
Arnold C C Dillon Co.
Arnold Waste-Pak Co.
Asbury Empire Electric
Atlas Atlas Powder
Atlas Solar Nitrogen Plant
Avalon Hussey Construction
Ballwin Assoc Engineering Co.
Ballwin Fru-Con Construction
Ballwin Kremer Hicks Co.
Ballwin LV Fleiter Co & Cold Flo System
Bell Kingford Charcoal
Bellefountain Neighbors Certain Teed Pipe Co.
Berkley Metal Form
Blue Springs Pre-Fabricated Steel
Bonne Terre GWS Contractors
Bonne Terre Service Heel Co.
Bowling Green Ellis Fithe Salvage Yard
Branson Table Rock Dam
Brentwood Brentwood Casting
Brentwood Consolidated Pattern
Bridgeton Ahal Contracting Co., Inc.
Bridgeton Car-Vil LTD Incorporated
Bridgeton Coatings Unlimited, Inc.
Buckner Vendo Co., Corp.
Cape Girardeau Cape Central Airways, Inc.
Cape Girardeau Cape Construction Co., Inc.
Cape Girardeau Pure Ice Company
Cape Girardeau Sam Tanksley Trucking
Cape Girardeau Shelly Transportation
Centralia Melson Hardware
Chesterfield Acme Battery Manufacturing Co.
Chesterfield County Supply, Inc.
Chesterfield Mid-Continent Electric Co.
Cincinnati Proctor & Gamble
Claycomo Ford Motor Company
Columbia A & M Supply
Columbia City Power
Columbia Gebhardt Foods, Inc.
Columbia Hathman McCarthy Construction Co.
Columbia IBC Bakery
Columbia Mid-States Lathing & Plastering Company
Columbia University of Missouri
Columbia University of Missouri Power Plant
Crestwood Site Oil Gas Station
Crystal City Decks Incorporated
Cuba Hanging Drywall/Construction
DeSoto DeSoto Mining
Earth City Heat and Frost Insulators
Earth City Home Energy Savers
Earth City Sara Lee
East St. Louis Gorman & Sons, Inc.
Farmington C&I Mechanical
Farmington Landers Detail Shop
Farmington Utah International Coal Mine
Fenton Chrysler
Fenton Crittenton Roofing
Fenton Kemco Toll & Die
Fenton R C Roofing
Fenton Ram Air, Inc.
Fenton Texaco, Inc.
Festus Arch Johnson Excavating & Paving Co.
Festus Festus Airport
Festus Festus Flying Service
Festus Rush Island Powerhouse
Florissant Aetna Coatings, Inc.
Florissant Midwest Drilling, Inc.
Ft. Leonard Wood D & L Construction
Fulton Central Electric Power Cooperative
Hazeltown Ford Motor Company
Hazelwood Chaney Fence Corp.
Hazelwood C T Wilson Contracting Co.
Hazelwood Ford Motor Company
Hazelwood McDonnell Douglas
Hazelwood St. Louis Coca Cola Bottling Co.
Herman, MO International Shoe
Herman, MO MFA Service Station
High Ridge DRS Marlo Coil
Hillsdale Kisco, Inc.
Houston Houston Feed Mill
Iatan Kansas City Power & Light Power Plant
Independence American Aviation
Independence Amoco Oil
Jennings Emerson Electric
Joplin Atlas Powder
Joplin Atlas Solar Nitrogen
Joplin Don’s Beisner Painting Co.
Joplin Eagle-Picher Corp.
Joplin Empire District Electric
Joplin Joplin Cement
Joplin Joplin Jr. College
Joplin Joplin Schools
Joplin Missouri Steel
Joplin Oak Hill Hospital
Joplin R.E. Smith Construction
Joplin Solar Nitrogen
Joplin Southwestern Bell
Joplin St. John’s Hospital
Joplin Thurston Chemical
Kansas City American Bulk Transport
Kansas City American Trucking
Kansas City Bayer Chemical
Kansas City B-G Maintenance Management, Inc.
Kansas City Blue Springs Powerhouse
Kansas City Brenner Olds, Inc.
Kansas City Byers Truckline
Kansas City Clark Printing Company
Kansas City Commercial Waterproofing, Inc.
Kansas City Deco Silk Screen
Kansas City Enerco International, Inc.
Kansas City Evans Electrical Construction
Kansas City General Motors
Kansas City Group Maintenance, Inc.
Kansas City GST Steel
Kansas City Gunite Concrete & Construction Co.
Kansas City Hawthorne Power Plant
Kansas City Hayes Drilling, Inc.
Kansas City Hulwood Maintenance Service
Kansas City Iatan Power House
Kansas City Interstate Brands Corporation
Kansas City JDM Insulation Company
Kansas City Kansas City Power & Light Power Plant
Kansas City Kansas City Stock Yards Co.
Kansas City Massman Construction Co.
Kansas City Midland Motors, Inc.
Kansas City Midwest Mechanical Service
Kansas City Natkins Service Co.
Kansas City Nichols Industries, Inc.
Kansas City Pacer Oil Co.
Kansas City Palmentere Trucking
Kansas City Pleasant Hill Power Station
Kansas City Rand & Son Construction
Kansas City Smith Hoffman Transfer
Kansas City Standard Insulations, Inc.
Kansas City Trojan Boat Co.
Kansas City Union Freightway
Kansas City Union Pacific Railroad
Kansas City Western Electric
King City Fram Line Manufacturing Co.
Kirkwood Schmelig Construction Co., Inc.
Labadie Labadie Powerhouse
Lake City Remington-DuPont
LaRussell Empire Electric Power Plant
Lexington J B Russell, Inc.
Louisiana Hercules Chemical
Louisiana Louisiana Plastics, Inc.
Manchester Site Oil Co.
Maplewood A & E Electrician
Marble Hill General Telephone Company
Marble Hill Verizon
Maryland Heights L & S Plumbing Co, Inc.
Meramec Meramec Powerhouse
Moberly Everlast Fitness Manufacturing Corp.
Moberly Orscheln Farm & Home, LLC
Montrose Kansas City Power & Light Power Plant
Nevada Bauman Construction
New Madrid New Madrid Powerhouse
New Madrid Noranda Aluminum
New Melle Mitchell’s Auto Salvage
New Melle Sander’s Auto Salvage
North Kansas City Pipe Steel
North Kansas City Shippers Car Line (Railroad)
O’Fallon Miller Masonry
O’Fallon VSM Abrasives Corp.
Olivette Corporate Express
Olivette Engineered Air Systems
Osage Beach Rule Construction Co.
Overland Gross Air Heating & Cooling
Park Hills Pepsi-Cola Co.
Patterson St. Louis Tuckpointing & Painting Co., Inc.
Pedgraido International Shoe
Pevely Thomas Industrial Coatings, Inc.
Portage Des Sioux Union Electric Powerhouse
Portageville Earl Walker Mechanical Center
Raytown Woodley Janitorial Service, Inc.
Richmond Ozark Fisheries, Inc.
Richmond Sradling Well Drilling
Richmond Heights Connors Engineering Co.
Riverside Garney Construction
Sedalia Tyson Chicken Plant
Sikeston Noranda Aluminum Plant
Springfield City of Springfield Municipal Power Plant
Springfield James River Powerhouse
Springfield M & M Pipeline Construction Co., Inc.
Springfield South Power Plant
Springfield Springfield Public Service
Springfield Southwest Powerhouse
St. Ann Essen Hardware
St. Ann Sears & Roebuck
St. Charles Custom Craft Tile, Inc.
St. Charles Howell Corp.
St. Charles Midwest Piping Co, Inc.
St. Charles Subperial Asbestos
St. Clair Burnett Plumbing & Heating
St. Louis Abex
St. Louis Affiliate Hospital Products
St. Louis Alberici Construction, Inc.
St. Louis Alton Box Company
St. Louis American Can
St. Louis American Cone & Pretzel
St. Louis Anheuser-Busch Brewery
St. Louis Atlas Reserve Temporaries, Inc.
St. Louis B & B Auto
St. Louis Bannor-Iron
St. Louis Bazam Painting Co.
St. Louis Bodine Aluminum Foundry
St. Louis Boeing Company
St. Louis Branch Metal Processing Company
St. Louis Brooks Erection
St. Louis Brown Shoe Company, Inc.
St. Louis Bruce Burgess Printing
St. Louis Brunson Construction Co.
St. Louis Busch & Latta Painting Corp.
St. Louis Bush Selzer
St. Louis Cape Transit Corp
St. Louis Carter Carburetor
St. Louis Chrysler Plant
St. Louis CitiGroup, Inc.
St. Louis Coatings Application & Waterproofing
St. Louis Combustion Engineering
St. Louis Continental Boiler
St. Louis Continental Can
St. Louis Corrigan Company
St. Louis Corvette Plant
St. Louis Cross Janitory Service
St. Louis Deaconess Hospital
St. Louis Dennis Flores Painting
St. Louis E C Robinson Lumber Co.
St. Louis Easton Boot & Shoe Co.
St. Louis Edgewater Health Care, Inc.
St. Louis Emerson Electric
St. Louis Engine Rebuilding Plant
St. Louis Excellum Aluminum
St. Louis Five Star Temporaries, Inc.
St. Louis Flash Oil Corporation
St. Louis Fleischer Seeger Construction Co.
St. Louis Flexo Supply Co.
St. Louis Ford Motor Plant
St. Louis Furniture Brands International, Inc.
St. Louis General Installation Co.
St. Louis General Motors
St. Louis General Mills Bakery
St. Louis Grove Machine Company
St. Louis Guardian Environmental Systems, Inc.
St. Louis H W Kroeger Erection Company of Illinois, Inc.
St. Louis Hartman-Walsh Painting Co.
St. Louis Hoel-Steffen Construction
St. Louis Holland Furnace Repair
St. Louis Hussman Refrigeration
St. Louis Incarnet Word Hospital
St. Louis International Shoe
St. Louis Ironite Products Company
St. Louis Jacke Evans Manufacturing Co.
St. Louis Jefferson Barracks VA Hospital
St. Louis JP Manufacturing Co.
St. Louis JS Alberici Construction Co.
St. Louis Kirberg Roofing
St. Louis Kisco Shell Company
St. Louis Koplar Properties
St. Louis Krey Packing Plant
St. Louis L Keeley Paving & Construction Co.
St. Louis Labadie Power House
St. Louis Labor Ready
St. Louis Lilie Hoffman Cooling Towers, Inc.
St. Louis Lippert Brick Contracting Co., Inc.
St. Louis Lowell Bleachery Ink
St. Louis Lutheran Hospital
St. Louis Mallinckrodt Chemical
St. Louis Marlo Coil-HK Porter
St. Louis Marriott Airport
St. Louis McDonnell Douglas
St. Louis Meramec Powerhouse
St. Louis Millstone Construction
St. Louis Monsanto Company (Queeney Plant and Carondelet Plant)
St. Louis National By Products
St. Louis Nooter Corporation
St. Louis North County Technical School
St. Louis Pershing Management Co.
St. Louis Proctor & Gamble Plant
St. Louis Quaker Maid Oil Co.
St. Louis Ralston Purina Company
St. Louis Ryson Steel
St. Louis S M Wilson & Co.
St. Louis Sandstone
St. Louis Sands Wholesale Drug Co.
St. Louis Scuckman Ornamental Iron
St. Louis Scullin Steel
St. Louis SemiSteel Casting Co.
St. Louis Shell Oil Company
St. Louis Sigma Chemical
St. Louis Site Oil of Missouri
St. Louis Skrainka Construction Co.
St. Louis SLU
St. Louis Sneider Packing Co.
St. Louis Southside Recycling
St. Louis SSM St. Clare Health Center
St. Louis St. Alexius Hospital Corp.
St. Louis St. John’s Mercy Hospital
St. Louis St. Louis Armature
St. Louis St. Louis City Public Schools
St. Louis St. Louis Fabricating
St. Louis St. Louis Screw & Bolt
St. Louis St. Louis Ship Building
St. Louis St. Louis Ship Yard
St. Louis St. Luke’s Hospital
St. Louis Standard Machine & Manufacturing
St. Louis Stone Printing Company
St. Louis Subsurface Constructors
St. Louis Tarlton Corporation
St. Louis Turken Plumbing Co., Inc.
St. Louis Unidynamics
St. Louis Valier & Spies Flour Mill
St. Louis Wagner Electric
St. Louis Walsh Refractories
St. Louis Washington U. Powerhouse
St. Louis Westinghouse Electric
St. Louis Young Group Industrial
St. Louis Young Insulation
St. Louis Young Sales
St. Peters Seyer Industries, Inc.
Sugar Creek American Oil
Sugar Creek Amoco Oil
Sugar Creek Standard Oil Company
Sullivan Meramec Mine
Thomas Hill Associated Electric
Union United Bricklaying Company
University City Associated Building & Wrecking Co.
Valley Park Asorbort Cotton Company
Valley Park Wainwright Industrial
Wellston Custom Fabricating
Wentzville General Motors
West Plains Stovell Construction Co.
Wildwood Reliable Finishing Company, Inc.

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