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Virginia Asbestos Exposure

* Not an exhaustive list

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Kraft Heating and Air
Amherst Virginia Fiber
Arlington Harmon & Vella Contracting
Arlington Thompson Welding
Ashland Bear Island Paper Company
Ashland Power & Heat Systems
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Mississippi Valley Erection Co.
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Howard P. Foley Co.
Chester C.W. Wright Construction
Covington Westvaco Paper Mill
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Kaiser Engineering, Inc.
Fairfax Suburban Drywall
Falls Church General Dynamics Corp.
Farmville Robert A. Smith Co., Inc.
Forest Coleman-Adams Construction, Inc.,
Fredericksburg Hercules Powder Factory
Fredericksburg Silvania Industrial Corp.
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Glen Allen

Westvaco Corporation
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Maida Development
Harrisonburg Daily News Record
Harrisonburg Rockingham Construction
Harrisonburg W.A. Hartman
Herdon B. Dodson Plumbing
Hinton Virginia Valley Processors
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Billy McCain Plumbing
Lynchburg Adams Construction
Lynchburg Guggenheimer Memorial Hospital
Lynchburg Lynchburg College
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General Dynamics
Midlothian Rono Plumbing
Monroe England Stove Works, Inc.
Mountain Gap Mountain Gap Nuclear Plant
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New Market

Pride of Virginia Poultry
Newport News Newport News Ship Yard
Newport News Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding, Inc.
Norfolk Tidewater Construction Corp.
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Brown & Williams Tobacco Co.
Phoebus Rosous Bakery
Portsmouth P & W Laundry & Dry Cleaners
Portsmouth Wards of Portsmouth, Inc.
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Boiler Brick and Refractory
Richmond D.L. Jones Plumbing
Richmond DuPont
Richmond Hungerford Mechanical Corp.
Richmond Lancaster Leaf Tobacco Co., Inc.
Richmond Massey Energy Company
Richmond Thorington Construction Co.
Richmond Train Plumbing
Roanoke Associated Asphalt Equipment, Inc.
Roanoke Fuel Oil & Equipment Company
Roanoke Gabriel Owen Light
Roanoke Homestead Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc.
Roanoke Jefferson Electric Co., Inc.
Roanoke Newcomb Electric Company, Inc.
Roanoke Northwestern Railroad
Roanoke Richardson & Wayland Electric
Roanoke Roanoke News Agency
Roanoke Southern Roof Deck Co., Inc.
Roanoke TA Service Steel Erectors Co.
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Olin Corporation
Saltville Olin Mathison Caustic and Chlorine Plant
Stasburg Blue Ridge Homes, Inc.
Surry Surry Power Station
Surry Virginia Electric & Power Co.
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Vienna P.C. Booze Plumbing
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Frucon Construction Corp
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