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Tennessee Asbestos Exposure

* Not an exhaustive list

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United Food & Commercial Workers
Alcoa Alcoa, Inc.
Alcoa Harrison Construction Co.
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American Air Filter
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ABB Combustion Engineering
Chattanooga CF Industries, Inc.
Chattanooga Ducan Electric Co., Inc.
Chattanooga Farmers Chemical
Chattanooga Nabco Electric
Chattanooga Southern Electric Co.
Chattanooga Tennessee Alloys Corporation
Chattanooga Tennessee Valley Authority
Chattanooga Vulcan Iron
Chattanooga Wheeling Company Machine Shop
Cleveland Whirlpool Corp.
Cordova Smith-Doyle Contractors
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Kentucky Tobacco Co., Inc.
Greenville Magnavox
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T.A. Humboldt Lumber Co.
Huntingdon Shamrock Homes
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Dewey Pendley Construction
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Johnson City

T V Cable Company, Inc.
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Eastman Kodak
Kingsport Heritage Builders
Kingsport Kingsport Armature & Electric
Kingsport Tennessee Electric Co.
Knoxville Fulton High School
Knoxville Jefferson City Cabinet Company
Knoxville Knoxville Utility
Knoxville Safety Equipment Distributing Company
Knoxville South Young High School
Knoxville Tennessee Valley Authority
Knoxville Tyson Middle School
Knoxville Young High School
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Heil-Quaker Corporation
LaVergne Hoover, Inc.
Lebanon S7S Insulation
Loudon E. Miller Construction Co., Inc.
Louisville Aero Building Services
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Allen Steam Plant
Memphis Allstate Electric
Memphis Atlas Powder Co.
Memphis Austein Mechanical Contractors
Memphis B.P. Mechanical Insulation Company
Memphis Barnwell & Hays
Memphis Berclair Electric
Memphis Billy Matz Electric
Memphis Binghamton Electric
Memphis Bobby Davis Electric
Memphis Clement Electric
Memphis Coors
Memphis Dennis Electric
Memphis Diebold, Inc.
Memphis Dixie Tank
Memphis DuPont
Memphis Fluor Constructors International, Inc.
Memphis Goheen Roofing Insulation
Memphis Gordons Transports, Inc.
Memphis Grace Chemical Co.
Memphis Habco Steel
Memphis Haines Electric
Memphis Hughes Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Memphis Humko Plant
Memphis Hunter Fans
Memphis Imperial Electric Construction
Memphis Insulation & Refractories Service
Memphis International Paper
Memphis James H. Hull, Hull Heating & Air Conditioning Co.
Memphis Krona Construction
Memphis McBride Electric
Memphis McCrory Electric
Memphis Memphis Insulation
Memphis Mid-South Maintenance, Inc.
Memphis Mud Island Power House
Memphis Overton Electric
Memphis Penmont Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Memphis Power Plant
Memphis Providential Erectors, Inc.
Memphis Ray Glass Electrical
Memphis Regal Electric
Memphis Rockwell Insulation Company, Inc.
Memphis Shelby Electric
Memphis Sylvester Keys Pressing Shop
Memphis TAM Electric
Memphis Buckeye Cellulose/Proctor & Gamble
Memphis Tennessee Valley Authority
Memphis Tri-State Armature & Elec.
Memphis Velsicol Chemical Corporation
Memphis WA Soefeker & Son
Memphis Wallace Electric
Memphis West Tennessee Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Memphis White Electric
Memphis Young Insulation Company
Milan Southern Horizon Homes, Inc.
Millington DuPont
Millington H R Sledd
Minglewood Standard Oil Station
Mohawk S & S Millwright & Maintenance
Morristown Berkline Corporation of Tennessee
Morristown Helm Tool & Die, Inc.
Morristown Knomark Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Morristown Mitchell & Hodge Electric Company
Morristown Morristown Molding, Inc.
Morristown Southern States Morristown Cooperative, Inc.
Morristown Stock Yards Supply Company, Inc.
Morristown TA Odell Electric Company
Morristown Turley Electric Service & Builders
Morristown Wild Building Contractors, Inc.
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Bessemer Galvanizing Works
Nashville Binco Chemicals
Nashville Bridgestone Americas Tire Operation
Nashville Elm Hill Meats, Inc.
Nashville Fast Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Nashville Ferro Fiberglass
Nashville Foster Creighton Co.
Nashville Harlan Fence Company of Tennessee
Nashville Marquette Cement Manufacturing Co.
Nashville May Hosiery Mill
Nashville McDowell Contractors
Nashville Mercury Supply
Nashville Price Supply
Nashville Sharon Mattress Factory
Nashville Wynn & Graff Upholstery Supply
New Johnsonville Tennessee Valley Authority
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Oak Ridge

Lockheed Martin Energy Systems
Oak Ridge Lockwood Greene Engineers, Inc.
Oak Ridge Martin Marietta Energy Systems
Oak Ridge Oak Ridge Power Plant
Oak Ridge Scientific & Technical Resources, Inc.
Oak Ridge Union Carbide Corporation
Oak Ridge Y-12 & K-25 Plants
Oak Ridge Y12 National Security Complex
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S. Pittsburgh

United States Stove Company
Selmer Brown Shoe Company, Inc.
Sharon C & M Lumber & Construction Co.
Shelbyville Cooper Steel Erectors
Shelbyville Melvin King Dry Wall Service
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Union City

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Union City Russell Coy Gill
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Monroe Dunn
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