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Massachusetts Asbestos Exposure

* Not an exhaustive list

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Fulton Railing, Inc.
Andover Essex Sand & Gravel
Andover Philips Electronics North American Corporation
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Narragansett High School
Belmont Eastern Refractories
Boston AC Leathers
Boston Arrow Packing Co.
Boston Boston Latin School
Boston Central Electric Power Cooperative
Boston Coombs Electric
Boston Endicott & Colby Temporaries
Boston Goldsmith Leathers
Boston Harbor Point Housing
Boston Helco Electric
Boston Lawrence Leathers Division of Swift & Company
Boston S M Corporation
Boston Stone & Webster Construction
Boston VA Medical Center
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Cambridge Hospital
Cambridge Cambridge School
Cambridge T B C I Corp.
Canton New England Insulation
Canton O’Connor Constructors, Inc.
Canton Plymouth Rubber Plant
Chelsea ASB of Portland, Inc.
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Essex Sand and Gravel
Dracut Northeastern Drywall, Inc.
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East Boston

Bethlehem Steel
East Boston Bethlehem Steel Shipyard
East Boston Jefferson Construction
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Foxboro Company
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Thurstons Garage
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Indian Orchard

Monsanto Company
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Jamaica Plain

Lemuel Shattuck Hospital
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Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.
Lawrence G & D General Contractors, Inc.
Lawrence George Moreau General Contract
Lawrence Jo-Gal Shoe Company, Inc.
Lawrence Lucien Garage
Lawrence Northeast Aluminum, Inc.
Lawrence Pelletier Home Improvement
Lawrence Servco
Lee Kimberly Clark Paper Mill
Lee Mead Morart Mill
Lee Southern Berkshire Welding
Lenox Dale Industrial Welding, Inc.
Lenox Dale Kimberly Clark Columbia Mill
Lexington D C Heath & Company
Lowell Martin Welding
Lowell Scannell Boiler Works
Lynn General Electric
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Jean Pierre Construction
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N. Adams

Greylock Mill
Needham Anders Electronics
Needham RCA Electronics
Newton Centre Eastern Refractories Company, Inc.
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Abcock Borsig Power, Inc.
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Chelsea Industries
Peabody Peabody Public Schools
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Bethlehem Steel
Quincy General Dynamics
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Conrad Construction
South Lee Mead Laurel Mill
South Lee Mead Willow Mill
Southbridge May Wells School
Springfield Burgers Package Store, Inc.
Springfield Liberty Ice & Fuel Co.
Springfield Manpower Inc. of Springfield
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Wakefield Engineering
Watertown Hyperion Industries
Watertown Macalaster Scientific Corp.
West Peabody Essex Sand and Gravel
West Roxbury VA Medical Center
West Springfield Plastic Packaging Corp.
West Springfield Strathmore Paper Co Corp.
Worcester BASF
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