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Birmingham Asbestos Exposure: Work Sites and Companies

At The Gori Law Firm, we have decades of experience representing victims of asbestos-related diseases from all over the United States. Our accomplished lawyers’ efforts have delivered more than $4 billion in total settlements and trial verdicts for individuals coping with mesothelioma and families grieving their loved one’s deaths.

Cancer-causing asbestos exposure occurred across a wide spectrum of occupations, sites, products and circumstances. We have assembled the list below as a service to those who may have valid asbestos exposure claims, but it is important to recognize that it is not an exhaustive list. For more information, call 888-362-6890 or send us e-mail anytime.

Birmingham, Alabama-Area Asbestos Exposure Locations and Potential Defendants


Altec Manufacturing Co.; American Cast Iron Pipe Co.; American Restoration, Inc.; Anthony Concrete Co.; Arnold Institutional Foods, Inc.; Associated Cleaning Contractors, Inc.; Avondale Distributors, Inc.; Avondale Stove & Foundry; B H Harmon Construction; Barry Pattern & Foundry; Bayles Concrete Flooring; Bechtel McCone Parsons Corp.; Ben Head Enterprises, Inc.; Benton Contracting Co., Inc.; Bessemer Coal, Iron & Land Co.; BHAM Fabricating Co.; Birmingham Budweiser Distributing; Birmingham Fabricating; Birmingham Foods, Inc.; Birmingham Foundry; Birmingham Ice & Cold Storage; Birmingham Ornamental; Birmingham Paper Co., Inc.; Birmingham Service Contractors; Birmingham Stove; Birmingham Water Works; Blackburn MFG Co.; Blazer Fabricating LLC; Boggs Brokerage Company Inc.; Booth Electric Co.; Bradley & Bedsole Paint & Body Shop; Brady Faucett Steel Erection Co.; Brasfield & Gorrie Inc.; Brice Building Co.; Brown Marx Co.; BSE Industrial Contractors; Buchanan Contracting Co.; Buckeye Feed & Grain Co.; Building Service Co., Inc.


Canterbury Electric Co., Inc.; Car Renovators, Inc.; Carraway Methodist Medical; Cassidy & Self Glass Company, Inc.; Ceco Steel; Cerco, Inc.; Chevron USA, Inc.; Classic Glass Company, Inc.; Clifton Farmer Roofing Co.; Coke Iron and Chemicals; Colonial Pure Truck Stop; Combustion Engineering; Compton & Compton, Inc.; Concrete Erectors, Inc.; Connors Steel Co.; Consolidated Pipe; Continental Rentals; Contractors Incorporated; Cosby Hodges Milling Co.; Cowin Road Machinery, Inc.; Creative Packaging & Equipment; Daniels Tile Company, Inc.; DE Bailey Plumbing Co.; Delphi Enterprises, Inc.; Delta Tire Sales, Inc.; Dixie Drive It Yourself System; Dixie Neon Painting & Decorating, Inc.; Domit Construction Co.; Doster Construction; Drennen Motor Car Co.; Drummond Company; Drummonds Standard Service; Dunn Construction Co.


Ed Pickett & Company Inc.; Electrical Repair Service Co.; Ellard Contracting Co.; Empire BLDG Co., Inc.; Etowah Coal & Iron Co.; Flowers Baking Co.; Foam Rubber Distributors; Fontaine Fifth Wheel Co.; Franklin Building Corp.; Gaillard Co. Incorporated; Gardendale EXXON; Gaslin Birmingham Manufacturing Co.; Glady E Martin Plumbing; Godwin’s Service Station; Goldstein & Cohen, Inc.; Guin Company, Inc.; H N Dunahou Contracting Co., Inc.; H&M Lumber Co.; Harbert Machine Co., Inc.; Hardie-Tynes Manufacturing; Hayes Aircraft; Hayes International Corp.; HDT Corporation; Help Unlimited of Kansas City; Hill Erection Co.; Hill Grocery Co., Inc.; Hoar Construction; Homewood Plumbing & Heating; Howard Electric Co.; Huffman Painting Co.; Industrial Fire Equipment Co.; Industrial Steel Erectors, Inc.; Industrial Supplies, Inc.; Ingalls Shipbuilding, Inc.; Ingels Paint Manufacturing Co.; Inschos Mechanical Contractors, Inc.; Irwin Bros. Remodeling, Inc.


J D Pittman; J E Scroggins & GM Scroggins; J F Holley Construction Co.; J H Dickerson Sr.; J H West & Sons; J N Gober Steel Erection Co.; Jacks Neon Incorporated; Jackson Industries, Inc.; Jaffe Jaffe & Aarons; Jim Dandy Company; John L Crim Plumbing & Heating; Juneman Electric, Inc.; KRO, Inc.; L & N Railroad; Lenz Plumbing Co.; Lewis Construction Co.; Lloyd Croley Movers of Delicate Equipment, Inc.; Lone Star Cement; Long Lewis Corp.; M J Lawson Waterproofing Co.; M Kimberling & Sons, Inc.; Magic City Tobacco Co.; Mann Brothers Building Co.; Mann Construction Co., Inc.; Marks Construction; Marx Brothers; Mayo Tire Distributors, Inc.; McBride Sign Co.; McCullough Industries; Meadowcraft, Inc.; Merita Bakery; Miller Foundry Company; Milton Construction; Morgan Engineering; Morris Group, Inc.; Mountain Woods Lake, Inc.


Nelson-Brantley Glass Contractors, Inc.; New Williams of Five Points West, Inc.; Norris Sanitary Market; Norwood Service Station; NuCor Steel Corp.; Osborne & Company; Osborne Truck Line, Inc.; Overhead Door Company; Palafox Corp., Inc.; Pemco Aeroplex, Inc.; Petco Construction; Pinson Valley Security, Inc.; Porter Coal Company; Precast Concrete Products; Quality Mechanical, Inc.; R & S Amusement Co., Inc.; R J Reid Contracting Co.; R L Bains Builders, Inc.; R W Hughes Construction Co., Inc.; Ralph A Smallman & Co., Inc.; Richard Construction Co., Inc.; Richardson Construction; Rickwood Field; Rite Way Service, Inc.; Rives Construction Co.; Robins Corporation; Robins Engineering Inc.; Robins Transfer Co.; Ronald James Masonry; RPC-A Joint Venture; Rust Engineering Co.


Schuler Industries, Inc.; Sears Roebuck & Company; Sellers Brothers Building Services; Shook & Fletcher Supply Co.; Sloss-Sheffield Steel & Iron; Southeastern Builders, Inc.; Southeastern Metals Co., Inc.; Southern Dinette, Inc.; Southern Masonry Company; Southern Metal Treating Co.; Spangler Plumbing Co.; Steel City Erection Co.; Steele Construction; Sterilite; Steve Russo Contracting Co., Inc.; Stockham Valves & Fittings, Inc.; Stratabolt Corp.; Sullivan Long & Hagerty Inc.; Sun Building Company; SW & B Construction Co., LLC; Tennessee Coal Iron & RR; Thomas Conts. & Erection Co.; Thompson Electric; Thornton Construction Co., Inc.; Tool Specialty Inc.; Treco Construction Services; Trinity Construction Co., Inc.; Trinity Glass Company, Inc.


United Electric Motors; United Land Corporation; United States Pipe & Foundry; United States Steel Corporation; University of Alabama; Utilities Service Corp.; U-Totem of Alabama, Inc.; Vebco, Inc.; Veitch Plumbing & Heating; Verne Collier, Inc.; Vulcan Materials Co.; W H Shepherd Companies; Wadsworth Service Station; Wallace Neon Display Company; Western Iron Works Incorporated; White & Porter, Inc.; White Dairy Co.; Wilborn Construction Co.; William H. Parson & Co.; Willis & Alford Service Station; Wilson & Sons; Wilson Tiles, Inc.; Wood, Metal & Love, Inc.; Worldwide Fabricators, Inc.

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