The Dangers Of The Blood Thinner Xarelto

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The Food and Drug Administration approved the Bayer product Xarelto in July 2011. Xarelto, the generic name of which is rivaroxaban, is a blood thinner commonly prescribed to patients who are undergoing surgery and face the risk of deep vein thrombosis. It is also given to people with atrial fibrillation to reduce the risk of stroke and blood clots. Xarelto has recently been tied to a risk of uncontrollable bleeding that can be fatal in extreme circumstances. It also increases the chances of having a stroke for patients who go off of Xarelto.

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The Drug Industry

Xarelto is a highly profitable drug. Bayer earns millions of dollars on sales in the United States alone. Bayer and its marketing partner Johnson & Johnson are continuing to push for broader approval of Xarelto so they can market it to a larger audience. The reality in the drug industry is that it is profitable to sell drugs even when they are known to cause harm. When you suffer from uncontrollable bleeding, it is not helpful to find out that many other people do not suffer that side effect. What you need is an attorney with the skill and resources to help you get justice for what you suffered.

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