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The Gori Law Firm’s Todd Mathews Filed Suit Against NFL for Instructing Insurer to Deny Claims for Former Players

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill., May 6, 2019The Gori Law Firm announced that partner Todd Mathews, on behalf of Advanced Physicians, S.C., filed suit in Cook County Circuit Court against the NFL for instructing their insurance carrier, Cigna, to deny medical claims filed by former players.

Acting as an out-of-network provider, Advanced Physicians S.C. treated former NFL players and routinely forwarded the players’ claims to Cigna, the NFL’s insurance carrier. Beginning in June 2015, Advanced Physicians S.C. discovered the players’ claims were no longer being processed. Mathews and Advanced Physicians S.C. claimed that in order to prevent the players from being eligible for benefits under the 2016 concussion settlement, the NFL did not want Advanced Physicians S.C. to provide diagnostic services to detect disabilities. Thereafter, Advanced Physicians S.C. suffered both increased operational and financing costs, as well as a loss of financing.

“The NFL does not want independent medical providers liked Advanced to treat players and provide independent and honest medical opinions about a player’s brain health. The NFL made the decision to try and economically harm Advanced so that Advanced would no longer treat former NFL players and their dependents,” said Advanced Physicians S.C. “Because the NFL doesn’t want to pay its former players disability payments under the disability plan… it decided to retaliate against Advanced for providing diagnostic services to former players.”

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