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USS Waller

The Federal Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company built the USS Waller in 1942. Sunk in 1970, she had a stellar career. Asbestos was used as an insulator throughout the ship.

USS Waller (DD 466) – Fletcher Class Destroyer

Classification: Destroyer

Status: Sunk as Target, June 17, 1970

Fleet: 7 th/3 rd

Launch Date: 8/15/1942
Commission Date: 10/1/1942
Decommission Date: 7/15/1969

USS Waller was involved in an attack off the north coast of Rennell Island which sunk an American cruiser, damaged an American destroyer and resulted in great loss of aircraft for the Japanese. This battle succeeded in distracting the Japanese and allowed American reinforcements to enter the final phase of the battle to drive the Japanese from Guadalcanal. USS Waller was a vital part of this effort, and she also helped rescue 1,049 survivors from the sunken USS Chicago. In a separate instance in Vila, the USS Waller sunk two enemy ships which earned her praise from the Admiral of the Fleet. She also helped cover two destroyers that were engaged in rescue operations for the USS Helena, which had been sunk by an enemy torpedo. She was involved in many altercations with the enemy, always coming out the victor. The USS Waller earned 12 battle stars for her World War II service. During the Korean War, the USS Waller conducted antisubmarine warfare exercises and earned two battle stars for her service. In Vietnam, she escorted carriers and was assigned patrol duties. Her actions earned her two battle stars.

Destroyers serve as quick and easily maneuvered warships which generally escort larger ships in the fleet. They also serve as protection for the larger ships from torpedo and submarine attacks. Destroyers were usually outfitted with anti-aircraft guns and anti-submarine weapons, however, despite being heavily armed and prepared for any emergency, destroyers were the most frequently sunk ship during World War II. The men on these ships faced a number on dangers on a day to day basis. A danger they faced, unknowingly, was Asbestos. Asbestos was found in a number of areas on these ships, in particular the insulation that lined piping.

Anyone who served on a destroyer should speak with their doctor regarding asbestos related diseases, such as Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer, and the treatment options available.

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