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Why Should Mesothelioma Victims Call A Lawyer?

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Mesothelioma/Asbestos-Related Illness

There’s a lot that follows a mesothelioma diagnosis. You want to learn how serious it is, what the possible treatments may be and what it all means for your lifestyle. You want to know what it means for your time with your friends and family. Sooner or later, you will likely wonder how it will affect your finances.

Your doctor can help with your treatment. Perhaps he or she won’t know the best options and will refer you to a specialist. You’ll learn how the disease is likely to affect your time and lifestyle. You may need to adapt to a new daily regimen of drugs and activities. And the questions will remain: How can you pay for everything? Why should you have to? This is when you might contact an attorney.

Enjoy the best possible recovery

The grim truth is that researchers have not yet identified a cure for mesothelioma. Still, there are plenty of survivor stories and new ones coming out every month. There are cases that fall far outside the norm. There are more treatment options now than just a few years back, and it’s generally good to remember that the statistics do not define you. However, mesothelioma treatment can be pricey, and that money must come from somewhere.

Among the other things he or she may be able to do, an experienced mesothelioma attorney can help you get the money to which you are entitled. That doesn’t always mean suing. In fact, there are several ways your attorney may help:

  • Identify possible benefits. You have to know about the available benefits before you can apply for them. An attorney who works with mesothelioma cases will have this knowledge and can help you identify those benefits for which you might be eligible.
  • Trace your exposure. Asbestos can reside in your body for decades before it triggers the formation of mesothelioma tumors. This can make it hard to remember or identify the places and companies that may have caused your exposure. An experienced attorney can help you trace your exposure and identify those responsible.
  • Access trust funds. Many of the companies most responsible for widespread asbestos exposure set aside money to pay their victims. This money is held in asbestos trust funds. Even though the money is intended for victims, many people struggle to access the funds they’re due. If you’re eligible, your attorney can help you complete your forms so that you stand the best possible chance.
  • File suit. Lawsuits aren’t always necessary, but they remain an option. Legal action can force companies to pay their victims. You may be able to settle your case outside of court, or you may have to fight it the whole way. Either way, you may be able to gain compensation for your healthcare expenses, lost wages, household services, rehabilitation costs and pain and suffering.

Some attorneys may even offer help with more than your finances. It’s common to feel lost and confused after your diagnosis. Life changes, and you might not know how you’re going to find your way forward. Your doctor can help some, and your attorney might also help. Experienced mesothelioma attorneys often know a range of professionals within the field and may help direct you toward new studies, experimental treatments, support groups and other resources.

You deserve justice

Mesothelioma is largely a preventable disease, and your attorney knows this. The disease owes almost entirely to asbestos exposure. Most of this exposure stemmed from manufacturers who were aware of its dangers as early as the 1930s. Victims may be able to hold these negligent companies responsible, but few can do so without professional help.

You deserve the best available treatment, and you deserve justice. An experienced attorney can help you claim every penny you deserve. Freed of the financial worries, you can focus on recovering and enjoying your time with family and friends.

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