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Situations that should raise concerns about asbestos exposure

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2021 | Workplace Illness

Asbestos may not be widely used in products manufactured or built today, but people still face the risk of exposure in certain situations. This is because asbestos-containing products are still in homes and buildings across the country. Left undisturbed, asbestos is relatively harmless. However, asbestos because a very real threat when released into the air.

Thus, some scenarios that could trigger concerns of asbestos exposure include:

  • After a structure fire
  • During a home renovation project
  • When an old building is demolished
  • While repairing old cars
  • After a natural disaster like an earthquake, flood or hurricane

These events can disrupt previously intact asbestos, making it possible for people in the area to breathe in the harmful fibers.

Higher risks for certain workers

The risks can be exceptionally high for people who repeatedly or routinely find themselves in these situations because of their job.

For example, firefighters can be at an increased risk of exposure because their job is to enter fire-damaged structures. And while asbestos was often used for its fire-resistant properties and is not flammable, the materials containing it typically are. Further, when structures fall in a fire, asbestos can be released into the air.

This recently became an issue for more than 100 firefighters and residents. Reports note that they were potentially exposed to asbestos after a warehouse fire, but they did not know about the presence of asbestos right away.

Seeking help after these events

If you have experienced an event like those we mentioned above, you may not recognize the threat to your safety right away. However, when you know that these situations can lead to hazardous exposure to asbestos, you can get help to protect yourself and your health.

Doing so can involve going to the doctor right away and monitoring your symptoms. Keep track of where you were and what happened, and be sure to note when the incident occurred. This information can prove crucial should you get sick or decide to take legal action against the party responsible for your exposure.

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