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Washington asbestos removal company fined for multiple violations

| Jul 21, 2018 | Uncategorized |

It is unfortunately common for businesses and property owners to fail to comply with regulations regarding the proper removal of asbestos. In many cases, improper removal is due to a lack of knowledge, a desire to save money, or both.

Perhaps worse is when certified asbestos removal companies fail to protect workers and the public. Asbestos removal companies are well aware of the hazards that asbestos poses. And property owners seeking the removal of asbestos are relying on them to take proper precautions. Recently, this breach of trust resulted in a significant fine against a Washington company specializing in asbestos removal.

Edmonds-based company fined hundreds of thousands of dollars

The Washington Department of Labor and Industries recently levied a $229,700 fine against Above & Beyond Asbestos Removal. According to two recent inspections, the Edmonds-based company willfully violated asbestos removal regulations at both sites. The company also received several citations for their intentional disregard of rules pertaining to the deadly carcinogen.

The money from the fines goes to a workers’ compensation pension fund.

The details

L&I fined the company for failing to use proper safety equipment, exposing asbestos dust to the public and improperly transporting the material. The company also failed to take air samples.

Above & Beyond had been hired to remove asbestos-containing “popcorn ceilings.”

This is not the first time Above & Beyond has been cited for failing to abide by asbestos removal violations. The company is under review and at risk of losing its certification to remove asbestos.

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