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Girl’s store chain denies allegations of asbestos in its products

| Aug 7, 2017 | Mesothelioma/Asbestos-Related Illness |

When you shop for your children, you are no doubt interested in finding safe products for them to use. Naturally, you probably expect the products available in large chain stores to be safe and free of toxins. After all, aren’t these products and their ingredients tested prior to their release?

In a perfect world, the answer would be yes, and in most cases, it is true that products undergo stringent testing prior to their public release. However, Justice, a chain store that sells girls’ apparel and other items has been accused of selling cosmetics that contain asbestos and other harmful substances.

Specifically, Just Shine Shimmer Powder marketed and sold at Justice stores was found to contain tremolite asbestos fibers as well as the heavy metals chromium, barium, lead and selenium. All of these materials can lead to serious health problems, including mesothelioma/asbestos-related illness. These illnesses typically manifest after the victim turns 40 or 50 years old and could lead to death.

Now, Justice has responded to these allegations with a statement saying that a “third-party ISO-certified testing lab” found no asbestos in the cosmetics. The retail chain added that it has stopped selling the powder out of “an abundance of caution.” The store’s website also published a brief statement on its website about Just Shine Shimmer Powder.

A simple search on Justice’s website showed eight stores operating within 50 miles of Madison County and 29 stores within 50 miles of Chicago. As such, it is likely that many Illinois children have used this potentially dangerous product. Because of the dangers associated with mesothelioma/asbestos-related illness, it is wise to dispose of the powder. Families may also want to talk more in-depth about these issues with a knowledgeable attorney.

Source: Good Housekeeping, “UPDATE: Justice Says Local News Report About Asbestos Found in Its Makeup Is ‘Simply Inaccurate’,” Marci Robin, July 20, 2017

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