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Some dangerous jobs that may surprise you

| Jun 13, 2017 | Personal Injury |

When dangerous occupations are discussed, most people think of those involving construction, working in factories and various types of manual labor. In those industries, workers are often poorly paid and perhaps don’t have the language skills or immigration status to feel comfortable reporting dangerous working conditions or even injuries.

However, there are a number of other professions — including many of that are well-paying — where people may be just as likely to suffer injuries or illness. Following are a few that may surprise you.

Airline Pilots. You might think that the primary dangers involving crashing or breaking up a fight between inebriated passengers who get into heated in-flight debates. In fact, it’s sitting for long hours that actually makes the job potentially dangerous. The dangers of suffering fatal blood clots from sitting hours in cramped quarters on a flight. is a risk pilots face on long flights.

Radiologists. This job, while well-compensated, presents multiple dangers. These medical professionals are around MRI and x-ray machines that emit radiation for hours a day. They are also likely to be around patients with infectious diseases.

Dental Hygienist. Those people who chastise you about not flossing enough are exposed to all sorts of infections while digging around in people’s teeth and gums. There’s also the danger of being bitten by a child who’s less than happy about the procedure.

Garbage Collectors. In addition to working around hydraulic lifts that can pose extreme danger if something goes wrong, these workers are also exposed to all sorts of contaminants that can cause disease.

It’s essential to know what hazards are inherent in your job and what your employer is doing to help ensure your safety. If you suspect that you were injured or sickened because of avoidable workplace hazards, it may be wise to seek legal guidance to determine your options.

Source: PayScale, “These 7 Jobs May Be Hazardous to Your Health,” May 30, 2017

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