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‘Bathroom upgrade’ was actually asbestos removal, residents claim

| May 16, 2017 | Blog |

After being asked to leave their Massachusetts apartment complex for 10 days for supposed bathroom upgrades, many residents began to worry when they were still unable to move back nearly a month later. Why the delay? Residents found out that asbestos was actually being removed from their building.

According to a recent report by Fox 25 News in Boston, residents of this Rockland apartment building were sent a letter on April 5 notifying them that the building would be going through renovations, including “bathroom upgrades.” In addition, the letter stated some residents would have to leave their apartments for “up to ten (10) days.”

However, residents claim that they were not told about the asbestos removal, let alone that they may have to pack for a lot longer than 10 days.

One resident ultimately called the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) when they saw that the “bathroom upgrades” looked much more like the removal of dangerous asbestos — at which point the DEP ordered the work to stop.

In fact, the DEP told residents in a letter that there were several potential violations at the site, including “asbestos-containing debris outside of work area without proper containment and exposed to ambient air” and “improper containment.”

According to a subsequent Fox 25 report, the building’s owner issued a statement claiming that all residents were previously informed of the presence of asbestos and of its long-term asbestos abatement plan.

Regardless, however, this recent situation merely illustrates the dangers of asbestos, and how, despite being banned in many forms, can still be found all around us — including in the places we live.

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