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Personal injury covers a wide range of areas in Illinois

| Jan 20, 2017 | Personal Injury |

Personal injury in the state of Illinois covers a wide range of areas, not just one specific thing. Suffering an injury on the roads, at a park, at a place of business, at school or anywhere else can be difficult to handle. Injuries don’t always heal quickly and they can change your lifestyle.

Common types of personal injury cases include:

– Car accidents

– Truck accidents

– Train accidents

– Medical malpractice

– Wrongful death

– Workplace accidents

– Slip and fall injuries

Victims of personal injury, no matter how it occurred, will likely face hefty medical bills. Couple that with the fact they might miss work for a prolonged period due to recovery and they will have trouble paying those and other bills each month. Some of the more serious personal injuries tend to lead to the complete loss of income as the victim can no longer work his or her job.

Victims of personal injury cases typically get compensation from insurance companies, either their own or that of the negligent party involved. Most often, this compensation is not enough for the victim to pay his or her bills while out of work recovering. Because of this, the victim will need to recover wages and other monetary losses by way of lawsuit.

When putting together a personal injury case, there are important documents that must be reviewed. They include:

– Police reports

– Accident scene information

– Eyewitness accounts

– Medical reports

Personal injury cases can cause victims to lose one or more of the following:

– Loss of wages

– Loss of employment

– Hefty medical bills

– Loss of property

– Pain and suffering

– Loss of function

Serious injuries are also included under the personal injury umbrella. Serious injuries include traumatic brain injuries, amputation, paralysis, mesothelioma or another asbestos-related illness and lung injuries.

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