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Try nutrition therapy when battling mesothelioma

| Sep 30, 2016 | Mesothelioma/Asbestos-Related Illness |

One of the difficulties of those struggling to fight mesothelioma from workplace asbestos exposures is maintaining a healthy weight during chemotherapy and other treatments.

The side effects of chemo can be grueling, leaving mesothelioma patients chronically nauseated and prone to vomiting. Some others have issues with constipation and fatigue. Below are some tips mesothelioma patients can try to be able to eat healthfully without provoking gastrointestinal symptoms throughout their cancer treatment, and beyond.

— Consider receiving nutrition therapy to help mitigate any side effects from treatment.

— Dietitians recommend that, to aid in digestion, patients with nausea try eating bland, cold foods that don’t have much fat content or strong odors.

— Those experiencing problems with constipation may want to try eating foods that are rich in fiber, as well as increasing their intake of fluids.

— Fatigue can sometimes be alleviated by consuming frequent small meals and snacking on foods that are high in protein.

Nutrition therapy can prevent malnutrition in mesothelioma patients. Nutritionists and dietitians can make specific dietary recommendations that address the debilitating side effects that are common with cancer treatments. If patients are able to restore their digestive health, they may be strong enough to continue to fight their cancer.

Dietitians work closely with oncologists and other treatment team members to fully integrate the regimen approach to treating cancer. They can share the specific nutrition challenges of their patients to develop palatable solutions for their patients’ individual needs.

It can also be helpful for family members and caregivers to attend classes to learn about healthy eating habits so patients’ healthy lifestyles can continue at home.

The personal injury attorney handling your mesothelioma claim often is a good resource to tap for ways to make living with mesothelioma a little easier.

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