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Is your job considered to be high-risk?

| Aug 19, 2016 | Wrongful Death |

Some people enjoy the rush of adrenaline they get while undertaking their daily jobs. For them, high-risk occupations are worth the danger they are exposed to on a daily basis. Others prefer more mundane tasks in a safer setting.

Below are some of the more dangerous working environments and careers where the potential risk of injury or death remains high.

— Working aboard an ocean-going vessel. As anyone who has ever caught an episode of the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” can attest, fishermen and those harvesting snow crabs are in peril every time they set foot on that slick and heaving deck.

— Long-haul truckers. Driving long distances at high speeds is inherently dangerous. Inevitably, some truckers wind up getting killed in highway accidents that may be caused by other drivers’ negligent behaviors. But they can also be a hazard on the road if they haven’t gotten enough sleep and are fatigued or distracted behind the wheel of their big rigs.

— Those who work high above the ground. Scaffold-builders, roofers, iron workers and high-rise window cleaners all experience daily danger due to the risk of working so far off of the ground. Using the proper safety equipment and protocols that require tying off at each new level can ameliorate some of the risk, but others remain, like high winds, power lines, dropped tools and more.

— Farmers and others in the agriculture sector. Working around heavy machinery capable of snaring a man by a loose shirttail and dragging him into the maw of the machine is a real safety risk. Loggers who must manipulate axes and saws in a wilderness environment far from any hospital setting have to be very careful they don’t injure themselves or their co-workers. These type of jobs require long hours that can lead to fatigue and mistakes made by workers.

If you have a high-risk occupation, you must take every precaution to ensure your own safety and that of those working alongside of you. When people get hurt or killed on a job site, they or their survivors may have to file litigation in the civil courts to recover any financial damages.

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