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Where can I turn for support after a diagnosis of mesothelioma?

| Jun 17, 2016 | Mesothelioma/Asbestos-Related Illness |

Getting a diagnosis of mesothelioma after a workplace asbestos exposure is difficult to absorb. While your body is being assaulted by malignant cancer cells, your mental and emotional health can suffer just the same.

Your emotions may run the gamut from anger to sadness and lingering depression. It is common to feel vulnerable when faced with one’s own mortality after a cancer diagnosis, and you also may be consumed with worry about the financial concerns of your spouse and dependent children.

It can be a great deal to absorb, and many mesothelioma sufferers benefit from some mental health counseling both while undergoing treatment and later. You may choose to share your fears with a trusted spiritual advisor or seek out a licensed mental health professional. Some mesothelioma patients draw support from peer groups of cancer survivors; still others reach out online for assistance.

Family members and friends may struggle with knowing the right things to say or do when they learn of your condition, but it’s likely their hearts are in the right place. Sometimes just sitting with you in silence may be the best way for them to show how much they care.

The American Cancer Society is committed to providing support for cancer patients. They can be reached at 800-227-2345 and can offer you resources that might help you cope with your illness.

If you are having difficulty accepting your diagnosis and prognosis and want to hold the companies who caused your asbestos exposure to be accountable for their negligence, you can seek legal advice about filing a claim against them.

Source: American Cancer Society, “How might having malignant mesothelioma affect your emotional health?,” accessed June 17, 2016

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