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When an apology isn’t enough, take legal action

| Mar 24, 2016 | Wrongful Death |

A story reported by CNN illustrates the value of a sincere apology when medical errors occur. The report details a surgery done on a woman in Yale New Haven Hospital last spring. A surgeon excised the incorrect rib during a procedure and never apologized or explained why the error occurred. She filed a lawsuit against multiple defendants in the case.

When patients enter hospitals for surgeries, take medication that’s prescribed to them by doctors and use medical devices as instructed by the manufacturers, they should feel reasonably safe doing so. While no surgical procedure is without risk — and medications all have side effects — the patient should not emerge from the treatment worse off than they began.

Yet all too frequently, medical facilities and the doctors they employ make egregious medical mistakes due to negligence and other factors. These mistakes cause their patients untold suffering and can even prove fatal.

Sometimes a mistake is just that — an unfortunate, but all-too-human an error. A surgeon’s admitting to this and apologizing may be all that a patient expects as a result and can go a long way towards healing a rift.

But there are also other times when a mere acknowledgement of error and apology are woefully insufficient. In cases where someone’s life is irretrievably altered or when someone dies due to a preventable mistake, it can be necessary to take legal steps to right the wrongs that were done.

Our attorneys have experience holding companies and medical facilities responsible for the worsened conditions of patients due to negligent acts. If you experienced medical malpractice, visit our website and see how we can assist you.

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