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Recall alert: Tainted turkey scandal hits Starbucks

| Dec 11, 2015 | Products Liability |

Starbucks stores across the United States were found to have tainted turkey sandwiches on their shelves. The coffee shop giant recalled its turkey panini sandwiches from 1,347 stores last week after they were found to be contaminated with the dangerous and sometimes fatal E. coli bacteria.

The Starbucks sandwiches were found to have the same kind of E. coli strain discovered in Costco’s chicken salad, which was contaminated by a tainted blend of chopped celery and onions. At least 19 people in seven different states have been seriously sickened by the outbreak.

According to Bloomberg Business, Starbucks took its turkey paninis out of stores in Oregon, Nevada and California. The paninis have cranberry and cornbread stuffing with celery inside it. This is the same ingredient that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported was the cause of the outbreak at Costco. An E. coli outbreak similar to this one also sickened dozens of Chipotle customers earlier this year and sparked lawsuits against the fast food chain.

Food vendors have a responsibility to their customers to provide them with safe food that is sanitary and free of harmful and sickening bacteria. However, restaurants and food vendors in Illinois and the rest of the nation will sometimes cut corners on food safety in the interest of making a higher profit. Individuals seriously hurt by these negligent or irresponsible food sellers will have the ability to hold them accountable in court. Damages pursuable in personal injury claim over tainted food products might include the costs of medical care, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages.

Source: MONEY, “Starbucks Recalls Turkey Paninis Over E. Coli Scare,” Denver Nicks, Dec. 01, 2015

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