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Is your new Honda subject to a safety recall?

| Nov 27, 2015 | Products Liability |

The auto industry has taken another hit. Honda joins the ranks of other auto manufacturers like General Motors and Chrysler forced to recall their products due to safety concerns, and in some cases, fatalities.

Honda announced earlier this month that the Japanese company was recalling over 25,000 cars on the United States market. The automaker is replacing the rear grab rail brackets, as they could potentially interfere with a side curtain airbag’s deployment during a collision.

Honda reported that there had been no occurrences of the problem that was revealed during the company’s internal testing procedures.

The design fault only affects the Fit LX models from this and next year’s vehicle lines. There are reportedly 25,367 units that have been recalled. Honda is advising those owners of the compromised cars to see an authorized Honda dealer once they get their recall notices in the mail to learn how the problem can be fixed. The company plans to do a mass mailing to its customers early next month.

Honda owners who want to determine whether or not their cars will have to be repaired can also call this toll-free number, (888) 234-2138, or go online to the website

It is extremely damaging to a company’s brand to have to recall products on the market due to safety concerns. While in this instance it appears that the auto manufacturer was on the ball and took responsibility for potential problems, in other instances, companies have shirked their responsibility to protect the public’s safety.

Those who suffer injuries due to a poorly designed or manufactured product have legal avenues of recourse available to them.

Source: WPVI-TV, “Honda Recalling 25,300 Cars Due to Air Bag Issue,” accessed Nov. 27, 2015

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