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Palliative care is one treatment option for mesothelioma

| Oct 30, 2015 | Mesothelioma/Asbestos-Related Illness |

At some point during your battle with mesothelioma, you may be given the option of receiving palliative care in lieu of continuing aggressive treatment regimens that wear you out and deprive you of your optimum quality of life.

Below is some information about palliative care should you decide to pursue it.

Palliative care can be received in your home, at a hospice, assisted living facility or hospital. Some of the services can include:

— Consultations with your primary care doctor

— Patient day care

— Physiotherapy

— Occupational therapy

— Specialized nursing care

— Dietary assistance care

— Counseling

— Spiritual support

— Bereavement support for your loved ones

While palliative care may be appropriate for those suffering from almost any condition, it can be especially helpful for those with cancer, degenerative neurological disorders and other conditions where there is a protracted decline.

Deciding to take advantage of palliative care does not mean that you have given up. It can mean that you have decided to maximize your remaining time to be present with family members, while relieving them of the stress of meeting your day-to-day medical needs.

The main objective of this type of comfort care is pain reduction. Providers also strive to alleviate stress and the symptoms of your disease. The focus is not on death; providers seek to provide compassionate care while you are alive. Palliative care can be given in conjunction with your ongoing treatment regimen. Because of its multifaceted approach, your emotional, mental and spiritual health are tended to right along with your physical needs. Your family members can also receive these same types of support as needed. Palliative care can lend dignity to your transition.

Fighting mesothelioma is hard work. You can relieve yourself of some of the burden by seeking legal assistance to pursue the companies that caused your asbestos exposure.

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