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Research continues for a mesothelioma cure

| Sep 18, 2015 | Mesothelioma/Asbestos-Related Illness |

Mesothelioma patients do not usually receive a lot of good news about their conditions. However, one recent report indicates that the outlook for those diagnosed with mesothelioma may be brighter than it had been previously perceived.

A spokesperson for one resource site for those with cancers caused by asbestos exposures cited some new clinical trials being introduced, as well as research being done on mesothelioma by the National Institute of Cancer.

The spokesperson stated that research is being undertaken to determine the ways that cells are affected and altered due to asbestos exposures. The goal of the research scientists is to learn how mesothelioma can be eradicated or the number of cases reduced.

Said the spokesperson, “[M]any new trials [are] being carried out . . . and . . . the discovery of an effective treatment . . . is just a matter of time.”

It is good for mesothelioma patients to keep abreast of all of the news about their condition. Staying in close contact with their medical providers in the event that they may qualify for a research study or clinical trial is advisable.

However, the hope of a future cure is just not sufficient when an environmental exposure resulted from an employer’s negligence. Mesothelioma patients can channel their frustration with their failing health into concrete action by taking the necessary steps to file a claim for damages.

The legal process can often be daunting, especially trying to tie the deadly cancer to an exposure that may have occurred 50 years ago or longer. Both your doctor and attorneys who handle mesothelioma cases can answer some of your questions as you decide how to proceed.

Source: MarketWatch, “Mesothelioma is More Beatable than Previously Believed, Reports Mesothelioma Website,” Sep. 10, 2015

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