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Warning Consumers About Recalled Products

| Feb 13, 2015 | Products Liability |

If something you have purchased is found to be defective or dangerous, how would you find out about it? Companies invest substantial time and money into reaching consumers. They are aggressive and determined when it comes to selling you a product. They use the latest technology and research to find the best ways to get you to make the purchasing decision they want. Unsurprisingly, many of those same companies show far less initiative in telling their customers that a product has been recalled.

A consumer watchdog organization found a significant gap in the efforts used by the makers of children’s products to get the different messages out. Facebook and Twitter have become platforms for businesses to sell their goods and present their messages. They are equally useful as platforms to warn consumers about dangerous products, but they are not always used that way.

According to research conducted by Kids in Dangers, more than 75 percent of the makers of recalled children’s products had Facebook pages. Less than 25 percent used those pages to report on recalled products. Twitter was less commonly used by manufacturers, but among those that did maintain Twitter profiles, fewer than one-third tweeted about recalled products.

If you follow the Twitter account of a product maker, there is a good chance it’s because you have purchased those products. If your Facebook feed lists the maker of children’s products, again it is likely that you have purchased something from that manufacturer in the past. While these forums may not reach a broad spectrum of consumers, those they do reach are more likely to make use of that information. Companies should be more vigilant in letting consumers know that they may be using a dangerous or defective product.

Source:, “Report: Children’s Product Manufacturers Largely Don’t Report Recalls On Social Media,” by Andy Szal, 11 February 2015 

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